S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sat 22 Aug 2009 16:15

We thought last night at Estapona was the worst rolling action we’d experienced at anchor – enough to make the night feel very long indeed – but it was actually worse here at Malaga! – despite a “perfectly” sheltered spot off a beach.  Actually the least said about this place the better – maybe the attractions ashore redeem it, but we can’t see an easy way to get ashore so haven’t bothered.

Another hot day’s “sailing”, although we did have the engine off for 3 hours out of the 8.5 it took us to get here.  Coastline pretty boring – very highly developed.  On the plus side, we saw quite a few dolphins on the way here – displaying a different behaviour which we think is hunting/fishing: lots of leaping up and going around in tight circles, and showing no interest in us.  We also saw lots of flying fish, only wee things, but boy can they fly – hundreds of yards skimming across the waves.

At anchor here in the corner between the beach & harbour, loads of good sized fish are leaping out of the water very athletically.  The closest we can come to identifying them is Spanish mackerel but who knows.  They didn’t fancy any of my hooks enough to allow us a closer look, despite leaping about all around the boat for hours.