Block Island

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Thu 19 Jun 2014 11:14

From Essex we moved on to Block Island at the eastern end of Long Island Sound and had to motor sail in very wet conditions for most of the way.  We also had poor visibility which didn’t help when we were trying to see the US warship that warned of its presence on the radio.  It turned out to be a submarine as skipper spotted it conning tower appearing out of the murk and, being invisible on radar and AIS, we just hoped we were the requisite half mile away from it as we crossed paths.  We approached Block Island through a race as the waters of the Sound are funnelled out and the current sped us along at over 11kts at one point.  The rain finally stopped as we picked up a buoy in the “Salt Pond Basin” there and we were able to emerge from below for lunch and take in the attractive surroundings.  Block Island is a very popular holiday destination and has many lovely, large old hotels along the waterfront and lots of gift shops and restaurants to attract the visitors.  We had a long walk which took us past the town and on into pretty countryside with birdsong, abundant flowering shrubs and several shoreside churches.

A rainy start:

Washing being dried in the wind: an unusual sight in the USA: