Levkas Town

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 30 Jun 2010 11:45

We stayed longer in Nidri than planned, mainly to decide what to do with our generator (our only source of mains power, but frequent stays at marinas have meant we haven’t needed it until now).  After getting advice from the local engineers, we decided the cost of repair (about €1,000) far outweighed the benefit we would get from it.  Having spent one afternoon removing it, which involved lifting its 90kg deadweight from the bowels of the boat, I then had to put it back again!  I sweated buckets…  We will either leave it aboard for someone to deal with in the future, or try to sell it for parts.


So onwards again to Levkas town quay, another ‘marathon’ 10mile motor, moving north to meet up with friends in a few days.  The approach from the south is interesting – the last section being through a canal originally dug through the salt marshes which separate the Levkas peninsular from mainland Greece by the Corinthians in 700BC.  It’s obviously  been an important passage for a long time judging by the number of forts overlooking it.


The town has its own charm, having been rebuilt, after several severe earthquakes, as mostly 2 storey dwellings, with the 1st floor made of wood and corrugated iron to minimise future damage (which never happened).  The effect is idiosyncratic, but pretty.  It is also full of attractive stone churches – a little puzzling how they escaped what destroyed the rest of the town.  Many have had their bell towers replaced with metal structures, so maybe that is all that was damaged in the quakes.  We also visited the marina here to arrange a delivery of a replacement solar panel.  To our horror they informed us that they won’t accept deliveries unless the boat is in their marina, and it will cost us over €50 a night!  We’re hoping we can get away with only 1 night there at that price!