Westbrook Ct

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sat 16 Aug 2014 11:00

It’s now August and we are back on the boat getting ready to launch and head towards Maine.  We last posted an entry at Newport, towards the end of our cruise with Lindsay’s sister & brother-in-law - after that we re-visited Block Island and Essex (where we ordered new made-to-measure bedding) and on to Westbrook.  We had originally planned to get hauled out in Branford to get the Coppercoat repairs done, but circumstances brought us here instead.  We had a scheduled return to Europe for Stuart & Lisa’s wedding, then my CT scan, a week in France with our granddaughter, a little while looking after my mother convalescing after a hip replacement op, plus generally enjoying Bath and proximity to friends & family.


At the moment we are still out of the water in the boatyard here and hope to be launched on Monday morning.  It’s always a challenge to live on the boat whilst up in the air, especially as you can’t use any of the facilities that involve running water!  We have found the evenings and early mornings quite cool since our return, so have dug out our carpets to keep our feet a bit warmer.  Hope first mate doesn’t freeze to death if we make it to Maine as it will be cooler still up there.


Pilot’s Point Marina - view from the cockpit: