Sold up - now back in Lymington

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 5 Jun 2009 09:00

50:45.524N 1:32.034W


Well we’ve finally done it!  We left our Bristol house for good on June 4th and waved all our chattels off to deep storage for an indefinite period.  We might be quite happy never to see any of it again – wouldn’t that be the definition of real freedom - and no monthly fee for the privilege of preserving too many possessions!


So here we are once more on Lymington town quay trying to fit a final car load of stuff into nooks and crannies on Red Panda.  David reckons we have added a ton to the overall weight of her by now.  We hope to leave on June 18th with additional crew of Stuart and possibly David’s brother Hugh as well, for the 4 day sail straight to Gijon on the north Spanish coast via Ushant off Brittany.  It will be our longest non-stop passage so far, so another interesting challenge.


Having crossed Biscay, we can slow down and take it easy along the Spanish rias and the Portuguese coast.  Guess we’ll be overwintering in southern Spain this year as we are setting out quite late in the end.