Santa Cruz de la Palma

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Tue 5 Mar 2019 15:26

28:40.752N 17:45.999W Tue 5th Mar 2019


We have now been on the gorgeous island of la Palma for almost a fortnight and have loved our stay here.  We are berthed right in the main  town of Santa Cruz which is both lively and very pretty.   We have tackled some of the walking trails which give you access to the magnificent and mountainous volcanic scenery and visited the famous Astronomical Observatory situated above the clouds at around 2500m.   The icing on the cake was to be here yesterday when the island celebrates Carnival with its famous “Dia de los Indianos”.  This is a day which grew out of the lampooning of rich returning emigrants, particularly from Cuba.  Locals, plus a massive influx of visitors which more than doubles the population of the town to over 50,000, dress up in white and party all day to the sounds of Latin music, salsa dancing and the drinking of beer, rum (local and Cuban) cane juice and mojitos.  The added ingredient is the throwing of talcum powder by everyone and over everyone, leaving people and streets covered in perfumed white dust.  It was all great fun and as ever with Spain, not spoiled by too much alcohol intake.  The sight of streets completely blocked by a sea of white humanity was a memorable one.


We will probably move on again later this week to the final and most remote island of El Hierro where we hope to do some more walking.   March is supposed to be the perfect time to see its wildflowers in bloom so looking forward to that treat.

Dia de los Indianos

Pre-Hispanic petroglyphs

On the ridge above the island’s huge central Caldera de Taburiente

Some of the telescopes overlooking the rim of the caldera

In the heart of the caldera

Ancient laurel forest in the Los Tilos Biosphere Reserve

Beautiful 16th century balconied houses on the waterfront avenida