S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 6 Aug 2010 14:15

We left a little too early for the wind, so we drifted a while for L to swim off the back before the sea “breeze” started.  Then it was a boisterous run downwind in up to 20kts of wind to Astrous.  By the time we arrived the wind and waves were full on, and getting into the harbour was a relief.  However it went well – after a short dive down to untangle the anchor chain.  Astrous is infamous for strong night winds, so we didn’t want to run any risks.  It was a rolly night, but the winds didn’t materialise…


This place is a bit of a culture shock – we read somewhere that it is a popular resort for Athenians and Greek Americans and it certainly is busy & crowded.  The author of the pilot book we use (Kiwi Rod Heikel) says it is his favourite harbour in the gulf, but we weren’t that keen.  The harbour was a little too large to enjoy swimming in, the tavernas big and expensive, and the shops pretty mediocre.  So, not a big hit with us, despite the harbour being alive with fish (needle-like garfish plus huge “balls” of tiny little things which flew out of the water as they were being chased by what looked like rainbow wrasse).