Tropic of Cancer

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 5 Dec 2012 16:45

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer at 16:45 today (Weds 5th Dec) - another milestone passed, but don’t be under any illusions about tropical weather to go with it!  It is still decidedly cool, positively chilly at night and many layers needed to stay warm on deck.  One of us managed a bit of T shirt free sunshine enjoyment today, but it didn’t last long.


At least the winds are staying fair.  We had a few hours last night where it was hard to keep the genoa from flapping around noisily (keeping the skipper awake), but mostly we’ve been romping along in 20kts or so.  We managed to do 152nm in our 2nd 24hrs under sail – very respectable.  So far today has been if anything faster, but then it is also quite bouncy again.


We’ve had a surprising number of close encounters with other vessels.  Amongst the several merchant ships we’ve seen, two have passed within a few hundred yards and the last of those required an avoiding course change by us.  This morning we had the great satisfaction of overtaking another yacht as well.


Wildlife has been thin on the ground.  We were tailed by a large shark for a brief while on day one, but since then have seen nothing apart from a few storm petrels.


Everything continues to work well, and especially our towed generator which is keeping up with all electrical demands, including the 2nd fridge (rapidly becoming less full of goodies!).  Fingers crossed.


I am now looking forward to that promised point when you get so tired that you actually sleep when you are off watch at night!