Nidri (Levkas)

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sat 26 Jun 2010 11:00

We we’re quite glad to get away from Sami: on our last night the port police moved us on saying that the harbour wall was needed for a large ship.  We suspected it was rubbish, and so it turned out; 4 or 5 boats all moved, leaving a big gap that was still empty when we left the next day.  Despite the wind easing, it was still quite a choppy & jerky night, so we made an early start to get away before the wind rose again.  We just made it: 15 mins into the bay and we were off, beating into the winds & chop.  It didn’t last long, and in 6 hrs to Nidri we only managed 1/2hr with the engine off.  However, proving everyone wrong, arriving just after lunchtime we found an easy spot on Nidri town quay.


Nidri may not be the most tranquil or genuine place, but it’s OK.  We were last here in August ’04 (villa + day sailer holiday) and the main change is the number of boats.  Anchorages which we remember with 1 or 2 yachts now are packed, several charter companies are based here and consequently it is a good place for boat supplies and services.  We’re getting a quote for a large sun awning and a man is coming to inspect the dead generator on Monday – I fear the worst!


We made a good start today – an early run/exercise, swim off the beach, breakfast ashore, 2 loads of washing done & quotes organised.  Now for that zzz…