St Raphael - still here

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 15 Jul 2011 11:16

Below is the view from our berth in the old port, with the dome of the main church appearing to grin at us behind the block opposite.  We have had plenty of time for such idle fancies whilst waiting for a replacement fuel pump for the engine.  In the end we have had it sent all the way from GB as the local dealers were pretty useless.  We have been very lucky however to be stuck in such a pleasant spot, right in the middle of all the action and very close to the beach.  Yesterday, we joined the crowds to watch the Bastille Day fireworks, but we could have had almost as good a show from our own cockpit.  It has been fun to be part of a very French holiday experience for a while and the port staff have been delightful and patient with our predicament.  We have taken up a space in this small and very busy harbour for a week now!  It’s due to arrive today (Fri) and if it does (and works when fitted!), we aim to leave later and arrive in Spain on Sunday.



With time on our hands this week, we walked to old Frejus, inland from the brash seaside town.  It was an important Roman town and also has a lovely 11th-12th century Cathedral with a 5th century baptistry and beautiful cloisters. The cloisters have a magnificent 15th century wooden ceiling decorated with little painted pictures.  You can still see about 500 of them clearly and the subjects include many intriguing monsters.  Artists in those days had just as much imagination as present day animators it seems.