Pylos (SW Greece)

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 5 May 2017 16:38

36:55.133N 21:41.986E  Thur 4th May 2017


We are now back in Greece in one of our favourite spots in the Peloponnese.  We are looking forward to spending several months exploring the northern Aegean, up to Thessalonika and back via the Sporades islands which will all be new to us.  Meanwhile we will be here for a few days, recovering from our 320 miles passage (with heavy colds), fixing things which only come to light en-route and enjoying a return to the Greek way of life. 


We finally left our winter berth in Sicily on Sunday April 30th and for the first day just sailed the 30 miles along the coast to the anchorage at Porto Palo.  We sat out May Day there as neither of us were feeling too bright and hoped to feel better before setting off across the Ionian for the two night passage.  We got away early on May 2nd but our colds stuck around so it wasn’t our best crossing.  There was virtually no wind either until the second night at sea, so we had to motor for 70% of the way.  The final 13 hours or so did give us a near perfect and unusually consistent wind for an easy sail which was some compensation.  We hardly saw any boats on our course and the most excitement came from a visit from a bright yellow wagtail which David communed with on deck for a while.