Lisboa to Sines

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 26 Jul 2009 16:00

So we finally left Lisbon after 4 pretty tiring days exploring.  It’s a great place, slightly spoilt by an impenetrable (to us at least) transport system and a call saying my credit card identity had been stolen.  The b* managed to replace all our contact details and rack-up £7,500 of debt (fortunately written off).


We met up with a delightful French couple, seeing much the same sights and departing for the same port at the same time.  So we ended up sailing together, taking photos of each other (they were sailing a prototype fast cruiser, based on an Open 50).  Here is proof that we finally mastered the gennaker/asymmetric; our large headsail for sailing with the wind.  Fortunately the wind was light all day, so we had no problems with it, and managed 4 hrs at about 6 knots in only 8-10 knots of wind, great stuff.  A few hairy moments were experienced putting it away again in strengthening winds, but hey-ho, that’s learning.  We also saw many dolphins gambolling alongside us for ages, and I saw a glimpse of a whale’s back.  I shouted in amazement for Lindsay, who thought it was in panic and nearly had a heart attack (or at least, so her reaction would suppose).

We’re now spending a day in Sines, our last port north of Cape St Vincent, where we finally turn East and into better weather (still in strong cool winds here).  Washing today – and struggling to keep it pegged to anything in these winds!