La Coruna

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sat 20 Aug 2011 17:15

Camarinas is delightful, but a little remote for too long a stay perhaps.  We also needed a lot of fuel and the local supply was in a plastic container left out in the sun, so a potential source of diesel bug.  The next forecast for good winds is Wednesday with winds on the nose until then, so we took advantage of a day of very light winds to motor to La Coruna which is a very lively city and has a decent fuel supply.  There was no wind but that doesn’t mean flat water, so we spent the day being rocked about in smooth but very confused seas.


Eight and a half hours later we were back in La Coruna, which felt very familiar from 2 years ago.  There was a real buzz last night with several competing attractions in town.  The first thing that struck us again was the number of people of all ages out and about: all the ladies dressed up and families with children of all ages up until well after midnight.  Everyone belonged, everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves and no-one was drunk.  One “attraction” was the local take on the “Oktoberfest” beer festival; complete with noisy band playing loads of well known songs, exuberant sing-alongs and stalls grilling the most enormous piles of ribs.   Wandering with the crowds further into town, we then came across another music event gearing up.  We had a drink whilst waiting for things to get going and at around 11-ish a Dire Straits tribute band came on and provided us with some great music.  We got a bit chilly after midnight as the fog rolled in from behind the main square (very atmospheric!) so returned to the boat where we could hear both sets of music continuing, plus the sounds of a big crowd cheering something in the far distance.  Great fun.


Today is dull, foggy & raining on and off.  Nonetheless, the Spanish are letting off noisy fireworks into the sky.  The weather forecast is unchanged, so we have a few dull days to look forward to before we can carry on northwards on Wednesday, we hope.