Atlantic crossing day 5

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 22 May 2015 10:08

38:31.9N 66:38.1W @1000 GMT

Captain’s log supplemental:

We’ve finally fond some weather…  We saw a low approaching in yesterday’s forecast and tried to keep south of it, but with the influence of the GS, failed.  After motoring most of yesterday in glassy seas the contrast is absolute: we are now in >30kt winds and seas that are quite rough.  Unfortunately we seem to be right in the path of it and so far have not been able to run downwind to lessen its effects.  If the forecast is to be believed it will only be with us today and should leave brisk Westerlies to loft us onwards for a few days – fingers crossed.


The main reason for the extra posting though is to thank all of you who have been sending us Iridium texts.  We really love being in touch but are very frustrated that our hired handset only displays some of the massage.  The most we get is 120 characters but less if they are capital letters (only 80).  So keep them coming but keep them brief! 


770 nm travelled, 1650 to go.  We are haring along!  Such fun?