S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 3 Feb 2013 11:45

We have been in our present gorgeous spot on Nevis since our brief 2 hour motor here from St Kitts last Sunday.  We are on a buoy off Pinney’s Beach which is a very long and amazingly quiet considering how lovely it is.  Straight in front of us is the apparently famous “Sunshine’s” beach bar and restaurant where people flock to drink its version of a rum punch called “killer bee”.  We sampled it on our first night here along with their barbecue buffet and watched the sunset with the evening crowd.  It really did fulfill the vision of a perfect Caribbean with the setting and the incredibly vivid colours of deep blue and orange on the horizon.  (It wasn’t just the drink honest!).

Looking back at Pinney beach, Goldcrest is somewhere between the palms:

Nevis seems like a more prosperous and quieter island than its big sister and is home to lots of rich retirees from the US and GB.  The hillsides behind the beach are full of very grand villas and there are several beautiful old plantation houses turned into upmarket hotels. Most of these are in the area called Gingerland.  How could you not love a place with a name like that!  The picturesque town, Charlestown has only about 2000 inhabitants and is full of historic buildings in stone and wood.  We speed there from our mooring in our dinghy with the new outboard and tie up at the quay, a cooler way to travel than along the roads.

Charlestown centre:

This is the sort of spot you want to linger and it also offers the chance to do a bit of exercise running along the beach or swimming around the boat.  The danger is then rewarding yourself with another cold beer or “killer bee”.  We should be moving on to Guadeloupe soon however and that will be a different experience again no doubt.  Every island so far has been.

Looking back to St Kitts from “the Caribbean’s oldest church”, est. 1641: