Atlantic crossing, day 14

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 28 Dec 2012 12:00

We’ve now been at sea for 14 days, done 1915nm and have 244nm to go.  We’re back to the rough conditions and strong winds (20-30kts continuously) that we started with, so are getting reacquainted with our bucking bronco boat and water that misses the basin when you turn a tap on.  Before the wind re-started yesterday evening we’d had a day or so of light winds and squalls – big black clouds dotted all around our area with a good amount of rain when one hits you.  At least it made the day a bit cooler.


If these winds keep up we’d get to Antigua in the early hours of Sunday morning.  As entry in the dark is not advised, one way or another we’ll be slowing down to get there after dawn.  So our next blog entry should be from a Caribbean Island – can’t wait!