S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 23 Oct 2013 10:04

We’ve had complaints from readers that we haven’t updated this since the operation, so hear goes…

The tumour was successfully removed 4 weeks ago and to our huge relief the biopsy showed it wasn’t a GIST but an even rarer thing, a fibromatosis on the mesentery.  These are classified as benign, i.e. they don’t metastasise, although they can recur.  There are only a few hundreds of cases per year so very little is really known about them or why they happen.  The surgeon said he found a well contained “melon sized” lump that came out cleanly, along with a third of my colon; he seemed to think there was nothing left for a tumour to re-grow from.  So all that is needed is a scan in January and then 6 monthly for a few years – no drugs and no reason why we can’t get on with life exactly as if nothing had happened.  Wow.


So we’ve started thinking about the boat and our plans for the first time in ages.  We hope to get back to Trinidad and get moving again in February and head up the east coast of the USA before deciding what the next few years will look like.


Those of a sensitive disposition should look away now:



A drastic way of losing 5kg!