Vathi - Meganisi

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Thu 10 Jun 2010 12:30

Another record breaking distance – 9 miles exploring the N coast of Meganisi looking for a good anchorage to come back to. The views of mountainous islands in all directions are magnificent. We were too lazy to take a line ashore after anchoring which is the usual technique in these crowded bays, so instead we ended up in the bay next to our previous night’s stay, in the harbour of Vathi (there are several with the same name which means “deep” in Greek – not the depth of the water but how indented the bay is).  Unfortunately it was very hot & airless, so we had an uncomfortable afternoon & evening.  The mooring was made more interesting though by Lindsay falling in!  She got tangled in the lines on the back of the boat and toppled in as we approached the harbour wall – quite scary for the skipper, trying to work out whether she was alright, what to do with the boat & the lines she was holding.  In the end all was OK – no harm was done and she didn’t even get her hat wet.  That makes us even, after I did something similar 9 years ago. 


We have had a couple more walks in the delightful countryside of these untypically green Greek islands.  We have passed the usual olive groves, but also bushes of flowering myrtle, fields of wild sage, large bay trees, pines and numerous tall cypresses – wonderful scents too.  


Heard the taverna owner where we had lunch lamenting the fact that his local customers could no longer afford to eat out as they used to, as a result of the economic situation.  In these little harbours it is mainly the yachties that keep the local economy afloat.


You hear a lot of Aussie accents in these parts as many of the businesses are run by locals returning to their routes after emigrating!