Blue Lagoon, Comino

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 2 Oct 2020 17:00

36:00.895N 14:19.313E Fri 2nd Oct 2020.  14nm 2hrs10


After three hot but useful days in Malta which included a delicious swim off the rocks for Lindsay and a last stroll around Valletta, we said our goodbyes to this special island with its magnificent history and harbour approach.


The forecast was for a very narrow window of “perfect” winds to get us back to Licata before a week of nothing helpful, so we sped off to the anchorage on Comino called the Blue Lagoon.  We’ve been before and fancied a quick swim, dive and snorkel (to clean the prop etc which had fouled up in just a few weeks).  We only stayed an hour or two before heading out for a delightful night sail back to Sicily.