Porto Santo still

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 7 Sep 2018 15:35

33:03.703N 16:18.838W Fri 7th Sept 2018.


We have now been in Porto Santo for over two weeks, a bit longer than we originally planned.  We have had to wait for a berth to become free in our next port of call, Funchal on Madeira, as they have been busy with a regatta.  Meanwhile, after 4 nights in the marina here, we moved out onto one of the buoys in the large harbour as it is so much cheaper.  We took our bikes ashore whilst still on a pontoon and have used them a lot to cycle into town and explore further afield occasionally.  We feel we have now covered most of this little island one way or another and had plenty of exercise as well.  We did catch the open top tourist bus one afternoon as an introduction to some of the island’s high points but also planned several quite challenging walks up and over the steep, dusty brown slopes characteristic of this dry spot.   Some of the rock formations are quite spectacular and well worth the slogs uphill and we have had some great views over most of the island from various lookouts.  We have also walked along the shore line for part of the 9km beach here and visited several beach-side bars where you feel you could be in the Caribbean.   As a bonus, we have met some great people whilst in the anchorage here and had some well-fuelled and fun evenings in good company.


We now hope to move on tomorrow and probably spend 2 or 3 nights at anchor in a lovely bay off the eastern tip of Madeira, about 21 miles from here, before taking up our reservation in Funchal on the 11th.  It looks like we will finally carry out our plan to spend a winter in the Canaries and hope to be down there later in the month.


Looking north along the beach

Stunning volcanic rock formations

Part of the dramatic coastline

More rugged scenery

A typical island hillside with old terracing right to the top!


The cove at Zimbralinho showing more fascinating rock structures