La Coruna

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 28 Jun 2009 16:45

Well, here I am again in La Coruna!

I can’t honestly say I remember anything from my primary school cruise 43 years ago, but it does feel like a milestone to have got here.  After this, were headed back south!  After a few spots of rain as we arrived, it’s properly hot in the evening sunshine.  For the first time we are on a sociable pontoon, able to talk to neighbours.  Tonight we’re next-door to a French couple we 1st saw in Gijon; he sings and plays guitar (but doesn’t have such a nice boat as ours, so fair’s fair).   

Today was 10hrs45 of motor-sailing, with a brief spell of excitement in 25kts of wind.  The coast supposedly looks quite Irish – green and craggy, but shrouded in mists and squalls.  We saw more shearwaters and a few cliff-fulls of sea-birds, but otherwise very little wild-life around here, not even sheep etc on the hills.

Now we kick back for a few days; explore the city, Santiago de Compostela and see L’s birthday out somewhere here.