S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Tue 29 Mar 2011 17:00

The dilemma with sailing this time of year is whether to take advantage of any winds & risk a wet/cold/furious passage or wait until it calms down again.  The forecast wasn’t great, but with several days of calm ahead, we decided to go for it once the morning rain passed and head for the island of Paxos which is just south of Corfu. We are so glad we did!  We sailed almost all the way, the engine was only used to get us out of Preveza, into Gaios on Paxos and during a squall midway.  The squall was exciting, we could see it approaching so had already shortened sail in anticipation of strong winds, but were still surprised by the hail and sudden wind shift forcing us to beat (go into the winds via a series of tacks) the rest of the way.  Lightning in the open sea is still a bit worrying to us, but we put the spare electronics in the oven (a faraday cage to you scientists) and hoped for the best.  We’ve been closer to lightning before, but it’s never exactly a relaxing experience!


Paxos has so far delighted us – Gaios is another perfect little Greek harbour, with great shelter and a good looking town around us.  We had another first today – the port police actually asked us whether there was anything we needed and didn’t ask for any money.  It can’t last, so we expect someone more officious soon with paperwork and forms to fill.  There is no water or power, but it is so peaceful here we may stay a while.  There are great walks all over the island and we need to get fit again.