S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 28 Mar 2010 00:00

Hello again from Palma on our last morning before we head off for the south west corner of Mallorca and a group of islands which are a marine nature reserve and sound rather lovely.   The largest is Cabrera and we should be there after about 6 hours of sailing.

I’ve been asked to give you a picture of a fairly typical day on our travels and yesterday more or less fits the bill.  We had a cup of coffee and read our books in bed for a while before dressing and going out to a nearby bar for a second breakfast of more coffee and croissants.  We then tried to put some washing in the marina machines but they were too busy so we abandoned that till later and instead walked into the centre of Palma and did some more sightseeing.  Of course that had to be followed by a beer in the sunshine before heading back to the boat for a sandwich lunch.  We then did some boat chores and two loads of washing which takes a while to hang out around the rigging.  A little snoozing and emailing after that and then we went out for a run along the sea front (more of a jog/walk in my case) but skipper did 6 miles and discovered a lovely beachfront stretch of the town.

A cup of tea, a shower and then out for a drink.   As we are in a very fancy Club Nautico here, the drink on this occasion was in their very comfortable bar.  We then returned to Red Panda for supper aboard and a comfortable, moonlit night in our berth here.  It’s a hard life, but somebody did ask, honest!  Of course when we are on the move, life can be more challenging!