Crew's Inn, Chaguaramas

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 23 Feb 2014 12:32

We have now been back in Trinidad for a week and the boat is starting to look like a seagoing vessel again after the long lay-up.  Four days of very hard work in the yard whilst Goldcrest was still on dry land meant we were ready to re-launch on Friday morning.  Sailing has its strenuous side when boat maintenance is required and sanding the whole hull (to remove some of the oxidised copper surface) in 33C heat for example is not fun!


But here we are at “Crews Inn”  the fanciest marina around which we moved too immediately after we went back in the water.  It’s definitely a more comfortable spot with all the facilities of the attached hotel, including a lovely pool, to make life easier, but it’s still a long way from anywhere!  This afternoon we are off to the first of three events we have booked to sample some of the events of Trinidad’s famous Carnival.  It’s called a “fete” (party) and there will be food and unlimited drinks and entertainment.  Next Sunday evening we are going to the finals of the steel pan competition where we are told we will hear the best in the world.  David has never been a fan of steel bands but has boldly decided to throw himself in at the deep end of this art form!  Then on Tuesday 4th March we will join the street throngs for the big Carnival parades where the colours, noise and costumes are quite fantastic.  Hope to take a few photos then.


Lots of friendly people here who come back year after year from colder climes (like Alaska).  We think one visit here is quite enough.  We have met up with some friends made first whilst over-wintering in Crete a few years ago so have company for a while.


Must go up on deck now and help my skipper (who seems very well so far) with the plenty of outstanding jobs on our list.


Night scene from the tiny unit we slept in whilst working on boat: