S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Mon 12 Jul 2010 15:00

A much better day – up “early” for a swim before getting underway at 9:30, then out into some wind to keep us happy & D occupied.  It wasn’t very strong until we arrived at Killini, but enough to have the engine off for over half the trip.  We even had the gennaker (big colourful sail) up for ages, experimenting with sailing in light winds and with the wind in front (this big sail is normally used when the wind is somewhat behind you).  It was great to have the sea to ourselves all day after the crowded waters we have experienced up to now in the Ionian. 


However, Killini is a bit of a backwater – even a one horse town (a joke spoilt by the fact that the one horse tied-up by a shorefront tavern actually was feeding her foal).  They are dredging the area, so the spot we wanted to anchor in was too shallow & we were waved away by a local.  We tied up alongside in building winds, feeling guilty over the amount of harbour wall we were occupying.  So when a German charter boat arrived & had difficulty mooring stern-to we assuaged our guilt by helping them moor alongside us.  Aren’t we good.


Ho hum, we have to visit spots like this in order to deserve the fantastic places we also get to see.  Onwards tomorrow towards Olympia – L is planning to show me her running, jumping & throwing skills.