S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 18 Sep 2009 14:45

The weather during Sally & Chris’ visit didn’t get much better and we spent much of the time dodging thunderstorms and mooching about the Altea/Calpe area making the best of the few hours of sunshine.

To cap it all we weathered a full gale soon after running for “shelter” in Calpe.  We knew the harbour wasn’t comfortable in SW winds, but it was the only shelter nearby.  With the strengthening winds blowing across the boat, the only mooring we could get into turned out to be the most exposed.  A few hours later we were in 38kts (~45mph) with waves breaking over the nearest harbour wall.  By 10pm it was all over and we had a great meal out and walked S&C to the airport bus in the morning.

So Friday morning we resumed the voyage, making a short hop to Denia, starting in challenging conditions but ending in warm sunshine and flat calm seas!

Denia is much underrated in the pilot  & guide books.  It is a lovely town with a great atmosphere – so good we even considered staying for the winter (until we saw their prices!).