Empuries - more Greek history...

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Tue 12 Apr 2016 14:15

42:07.759N 3:07.537E Tue 12th Apr 2016


You’d be forgiven for thinking we had flitted hundreds of miles to Greece, yet here we are in the westernmost outpost of ancient Greece in the trading post established for the Iberian market.  Who even knew it was here?  It’s in a fabulous location right on the beach - very reminiscent of a Carthaginian town we visited in Tunisia.  Unlike so many sites it hasn’t been built over by the Romans (respectfully they set-up next door) or anyone more recently, so you get a good feel for the entire site and can really appreciate the location.  They found a great statue of Asclepius (the god of healing) here, which had spent much of recent history in Barcelona but it now back on site and looking magnificent.


We had a magical 30 mile sail to get here, just a few minutes under engine at start and end and a nice downwind sail the rest of the way.  We had hoped to spend the night immediately in front of the Greek ruins, but the wind had got up into the 20s and the sea was consequently a bit too lumpy for an open beach anchorage.  Instead we found a sheltered corner nearby with a short row to leave the dinghy on the beach.  Our poor dinghy needs nursing these days - too much sun (and very poor construction) has made it start falling apart and no amount of re-glueing seems to work, so rowlocks and seat are now on the brink of falling off, requiring some delicate rowing!  This was a terrific spot to enjoy our first night at anchor this season.