Atlantic crossing day 10

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 27 May 2015 13:11

39:48.5N 51:07.9W @1200 GMT   931miles to go.


Wow!  What a roller coaster we are experiencing now.  Sailing an ocean throws up so many different scenarios and we seem to be “enjoying” many of them.  The day before yesterday, after our last blog, it was motoring over mirror calm seas and lots of discussion about conserving our fuel supplies if the forecast light winds meant too much engine use.  In the afternoon first mate did some exercises and dancing to her ipod on the aft deck as it was so still.  Then at 6.30 pm., the wind suddenly reappeared strongly from a standing start and we had a terrific sail until the early hours when we again had to motor.  A lovely evening on deck was enhanced by the sighting of a pod of pilot whales, one or two of which broached obligingly so that we were able to identify them by their snub snouts.  From 9.30 am yesterday, we were again able to sail but hard on the wind all day, so a challenging slope and bounce to conditions below!  We were so relieved that there was much more wind than forecast although our progress was slowed by a contrary current until the evening.  Then, at 7.30pm last night, wham, we had found the gulf stream going our way and we were off on our violent fairground ride, averaging 9kts in very challenging conditions.  Lying down below was like trying to sleep on a bucking bronco and activities like teeth brushing abandoned (David) or done with great difficulty.  It is hard to describe the motion; the bow rear up into the air and crash down sending sheets of water up over the decks, whilst the stern kicks upwards, trying to dislodge its riders!  At 1am a half hour’s torrential rain washed some of the salt off, but first mate slept through that as the sound was lost in all the other bumps, whines and creaks.


This morning the gulf stream ride continues, but with slightly abated winds so conditions are a bit less bumpy.  It may be tempting fate big time to admit that this is quite fun!


P.S. We’ve been asked why we don’t post a blog more often, but it’s just a matter of rationing the amount of sat phone time we’ve bought.  We will if we can…

P.P.S.  This voyage has been improved so much by getting all your wonderful text messages – please keep them coming.  And by the way, I’ve worked out how to read the full message now, so no need to truncate them anymore.