Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canaries

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 26 Sep 2018 13:45

28:57.758N 13:32.369W Wed 26th Sept 2018.


Having said we won’t be posting much now, we’ve been asked to carry on (and this by someone who always knows where we are anyway!).


We stayed a nearly week at anchor at Isla Graciosa and enjoyed walks most days, either to and from the town for lunch etc or longer explorations of the island.  We managed to do over 14 miles one day, despite the island only being about 5 miles long!  We’ve described the place before and it hasn’t changed much.  It’s still a little bit of paradise, although maybe bit more expensive and busier than last time we were here.  The weather was a bit disappointing until the last 2 days – overcast and very humid with winds throwing up enough chop to make swimming less appealing than it should be in 24°C water, but it was still wonderful to have a second visit to this unique spot.


Playa de las Conchas at the other end of the island is reputed to be “one of the most beautiful” beaches:


We decided to move on to Arrecife on Wednesday despite very light wind forecasts.  After a short spell motoring to Lanzarote’s north coast however we found ourselves in wonderful winds and were blown quickly to our destination with just our foresail up – very relaxing.  The marina here is huge by recent standards (400 berths) and seems full of interesting boats (many en-route to an Atlantic crossing perhaps).  Arrecife is a working town that is not full of tourists and all the better for that.  It does not have many stand out sites, but does have an attractive inner lagoon and a decent beach (although that is over a mile from the marina).   We’ll only be here onboard for a couple of weeks altogether, so we’ll probably find enough to occupy ourselves and it’s great to be  back in tapas country.


Sunset over the lagoon in Arrecife: