S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Wed 15 Jun 2011 16:00

Another calm day motoring all the way – along even more spectacular coast, accompanying ourselves with oohs and aahs!  After a long lunch stop in a little anchorage called Crovani, we arrived at Calvi in time for tea.  We were expecting moorings off the town, but in their total absence settled for a night at anchor.  We went ashore for a meal and were sitting on deck afterwards discussing the very disappointing moonrise.  It should have been magnificent, being full and rising over some very craggy mountains (9,000ft high), but all we saw was a rather moth-eaten red thing, as we thought, obscured by the clouds.  What dummies - it was an eclipse!


Calvi’s imposing citadel which houses barracks of the Foreign Legion and is claimed as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus


The next few days were forecast to have some brisk winds, and needing fuel before the next leg anyway we decided to enter the harbour in the morning.


Our visitors with the marina behind


This is one of those almost perfect places to rest a while: a nice town with some very good and not expensive restaurants, a long beach just yards away and some great opportunities for exercise along the coast.  Our next leg is the 85nm north to the mainland, and with the Mistral wind forecast now, we’re going to wait it out for a few days.