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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Aug 2015
Fri 07 Aug 15:06 The professional Figaro sailor and his family. Ajaccio, Corsica. 7th August 2015.
Fri 07 Aug 14:51 Jack the live aboard sailor from Santa Barbara. Ajaccio. Corsica. 7th August 2015.
Fri 07 Aug 14:47 Ajaccio, Corsica. The French street market. 7th August 2015.
Thu 06 Aug 14:43 Ajaccio, capital of Corsica. 6th - 8th August 2015. 41:55.14N 8:44.50E
Thu 06 Aug 14:32 Porto Pollo, west coast Corsica. 5th - 6th August, 2015. 41:42.34N 8:47.78E
Thu 06 Aug 14:26 A new adventure heading north, the west coast of Corsica. 4th - 5th August 2015. 41:31.26N 8:52.68E
Tue 04 Aug 14:20 Porto Pozzo, Sardinia 2nd - 4th August 2015. 41:11.81N 9:16.51E
Sun 02 Aug 14:15 Gulfi di Arzachena by motorbike, Nuraghe archaeological site, Sardinia. 1st August 2015.
Sun 02 Aug 14:01 Sailing from Olbia back to Cannigione 25th July - 2nd August 2015.
Jul 2015
Sun 26 Jul 14:07 Dog with attitude, Cannigione, 26th July 2015.
Fri 24 Jul 13:55 An evening in Porto Cervo, Film Premier
Wed 22 Jul 13:31 Cala di Volpe, Portisco and Golfi di Aranchi, Costa Smeralda. 22nd - 24th July 2015
Wed 22 Jul 12:53 News! Updated Tioram blog 2015-2016 is alive and kicking- don't miss it !!
Tue 21 Jul 16:04 Anchored in Budelli, Maddalena Archipelago 21st July 2015
Mon 20 Jul 15:58 Super yachts going astern in Bonifacio, Corsica. 20th July 2015.
Fri 17 Jul 15:49 Cannigione, local life ashore. 15th- 17th July 2015.
Sat 11 Jul 15:32 La Maddalena 11th-15th July
Thu 09 Jul 20:57 More photo's 41:11.76N 009:17.58E 41:11.76N 9:17.58E
Thu 09 Jul 20:40 Sailing and exploring, Sardinia and Corsica.....20th June -10th July 2015.
Jun 2015
Sat 20 Jun 19:22 Marmorata bay, Barca Bruciata bay and Cannigione 16th-20th June 2015. 41:06.38N 9:26.53E
Mon 15 Jun 19:10 Island of Maddalena and Island of Caprera by motorbike. 11th-15th June 2015. 41:12.85N 9:24.64E
Wed 10 Jun 18:57 Porto Pozzo bay and traditional Sardinian food. 9th-10th June 2015. 41:11.86N 9:16.51E
Tue 09 Jun 18:51 Barca Bruciata bay, Sardinia, Porto Palma bay, island of Caprera 5th -9th June 2015. 41:08.67N 9:25.96E
May 2015
Sat 30 May 17:44 Goodbye and Final Call. Cannigione. 30th May 2015
Fri 29 May 17:34 Jumping off Tioram’s ‘back side ’ and having the best Ca-bonnarrah. Canni gione. 29th May 2015 41:06.38N 9:26.53E
Thu 28 May 17:25 Curious affairs on ugly expensive neighbourboat and….. Meatballs!!! Cala di volpi, Sardinia 28th May 2015 41:04.95N 9:32.35E
Wed 27 May 17:19 Bonafacio – Lavezzi Islands, Corsica to Maddelena Islands 27th May 2015 41:12.84N 9:24.64E
Tue 26 May 17:07 7 layers of clothing: still COLD! Mahon Menorca – Bonifacio, Corsica 280NM. 24th- 26th May 2015 41:23.29N 9:09.76E
Sat 23 May 16:34 Glamorous apple pie. Mahon Marina, Menorca. 23rd May 2015
Fri 22 May 16:21 Just lie down, close your eyes, relax… and watch that other sole! Porto Petro – M ahon Menorca 76NM. May 22nd 2015 39:53.34N 4:16.60E
Thu 21 May 16:11 Flying Meatballs after a busy day at the office, Palma de Mallorca – Porto Petro 42NM May 21st 20 15 39:21.67N 3:12.82E
Wed 20 May 16:04 Strange noises from a well organised galley, lots of Bimbo’s. Santa Ponsa – Palma de Mallorca May 20th 2015 39:33.97N 2:38.27E
Mon 18 May 15:54 'Sole Overboard' – Santa Ponsa, Mallorca 70NM May 19th 2015 39:30.87N 2:28.11E
Sun 17 May 15:47 South of Spain - Espalmador beach, Formentara. 150NM May 17th-18th 2015 38:45.52N 1:25.85E
Sat 16 May 15:37 Spanish Parking Garage; keep calm May 16th
Sat 16 May 15:34 Berendine and Anita's story.
Fri 15 May 14:18 Sailing from Spain to Sardinia. May 2015.
Fri 15 May 13:54 Tioram begins a new adventure May 2015 37:51.23N 0:44.05W
Oct 2014
Sun 19 Oct 14:36 Sailing back to Spain........returning to family and friends. 18th -19th October 2014. 37:51.23N 0:44.05W
Fri 10 Oct 14:26 Exploring Ibiza by motorbike…..the interi or gem. October 2014.
Mon 06 Oct 14:04 San Antonio bay, Ibiza. 5th -18th October 2014. 38:58.17N 1:14.65E
Sun 05 Oct 13:42 One of my favourite beaches ....but not today. Espalmador, Formentera, Balearics, 2nd -5th Oct re 2014..
Fri 03 Oct 13:34 Santa Ponsa Mallorca to Espalmador, Formentera 2nd October 2014. 38:44.50N 1:25.59E
Thu 02 Oct 18:11 Palma Nova, Palma and Santa Ponsa. 30th September - 2nd October 2014 39:30.93N 2:28.11E
Sep 2014
Tue 30 Sep 17:58 Ensenada de Sa Rapita bay/ Palma Nova bay, Mallorca. 27th -30th September 2014 39:30.90N 2:32.54E
Mon 22 Sep 17:41 'Red Arrows display'. Mahon, Menorca. 22nd September 2014
Mon 22 Sep 17:38 A waterspout twister in Mahon, Menorca.
Sun 21 Sep 17:24 At sea en route to Menorca. 20th -21st Sept. 2014. 39:53.43N 4:16.59E
Sun 21 Sep 17:19 The Fornelli Passage, last of Sardinia and setting sail for Menorca. 20th- 21st Sept . 2014 40:58.54N 8:12.60E
Fri 19 Sep 17:07 Saying goodbye to Sardinia . 18th-19th September 2014. 41:14.23N 9:11.68E
Thu 18 Sep 16:59 Cala Di Volpe and saying goodbye to Cannigione. 14th-18th Sept 2014.
Sun 14 Sep 16:42 Costa Smeralda sailing 9th-14th September 2014
Mon 08 Sep 16:39 Bonifacio. The Citadel, fireworks and tango dancing. 8th Sept 2014.
Sun 07 Sep 16:37 Sailing around and the Porto Rafael fiesta. Sardinia. 7th September, 2014.
Wed 03 Sep 16:35 Must be love even at his age......Sassari, Sardinia 3rd September 2014.
Wed 03 Sep 16:32 Visiting Algherro by car 3rd September 2014.
Tue 02 Sep 16:30 Wow !!!!! 46 true knots on a buoy in Cannigione
Aug 2014
Sun 31 Aug 16:27 Di Ziu Paulu 30th-31st August.
Sat 30 Aug 16:25 Scoglio, Gulfi di Aranchi. Sardinia 28th-30th August
Thu 28 Aug 16:22 Sailing north to Golfi di Aranchi. Sardinia. 28th August.
Wed 27 Aug 16:20 Porto della Taverna bay 25th-27th August.
Mon 25 Aug 16:18 La Caletta marina.......graffiti 25th August.
Mon 25 Aug 16:15 La Caletta, east coast of Sardinia. The Festival in Nuoro. 23rd -25th August.
Sat 23 Aug 16:13 Coda Cavollo, an uncomfortable move at 1am. Porto della Taverna. 21st-23rd August.
Thu 21 Aug 16:09 San Paulo bay, Sardinia 20-21st August
Wed 20 Aug 16:05 Passing Island of Tavolara and onto Porto della Taverna 19-20th August
Tue 19 Aug 16:03 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia 18-19th August 2014.
Tue 19 Aug 16:00 J class yachts and Wallys at Rolex cup, Porto Cervo.
Tue 19 Aug 15:57 Life ashore...Cannigione street market August 2014
Mon 18 Aug 15:18 Cannigione in strong winds,13th-18th August 2014. N46:06.26 E009:26.79 41:06.26N 9:26.79E
Thu 14 Aug 19:48 Leaving Maddalena ....strong winds again. 13th August 2014
Wed 13 Aug 19:44 Islands of Maddalena and Caprera. 11th -13th August. 2014. 41.12:84N 009.24:64E 41:12.84N 9:24.64E
Sat 09 Aug 19:20 Porto Cervo by car with Lorenzo 8th August 2014
Fri 08 Aug 19:17 Liscia Bay and Cannigione , Sardinia. 8th- 9th August 2014. 41.06:27N 009.26:70E 41:06.27N 9:26.70E
Thu 07 Aug 19:13 Capo Testa, Sardinia ...snorkelling on Roman columns. 5th -7th August 2014 41.14:28N 009.09:82E 41:14.28N 9:09.82E
Wed 06 Aug 19:10 Heading south again....Pinarellu, Santa Amanza, Passage de Piantarella. Corsica. 4th-6th August 41.26:027N 009.13:59E 41:26.03N 9:13.59E
Tue 05 Aug 19:08 Wow...unbelievable.... Fire planes in Pinarellu, Corsica. 4th August 2014
Mon 04 Aug 19:05 Baie de Pinarellu , Corsica. 2nd - 4th August 2014 41.40:55N 009.22:59E 41:40.55N 9:22.59E
Sat 02 Aug 19:02 Baie de San Ciprianu, Corsica. 29th July -2nd August. 2014. 41.38:097N 009.21:29E 41:38.10N 9:21.29E
Jul 2014
Tue 29 Jul 18:59 Porto Vecchio, Corsica. 27th-29th July 2014. 41.35:46N 009.17:08E 41:35.46N 9:17.08E
Sun 27 Jul 18:56 Heading North to Corsica. 26th -27th July 2014. 41.25:97N 009.13:63E 41:25.97N 9:13.63E
Sat 26 Jul 18:52 Liscia bay , Sardinia 24th-26th July 2014. 41.11:61N 009.18:52E 41:11.61N 9:18.52E
Thu 24 Jul 18:49 Beautiful Pevero bay, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. 23rd-24 th July 2014. 41.06:96N 009.32:55E 41:06.96N 9:32.55E
Tue 22 Jul 18:40 Do camper vans drag around the field .....???? Portisco 20th- 22nd July 2014 Sardinia. 41.02:18N 009.31:56E 41:02.18N 9:31.56E
Sat 19 Jul 18:37 Sailing around Cannigione, Maddalena, Costa Smeralda and Portisco. 13th -20th July 2014.
Fri 11 Jul 18:35 Fw: Cannigione Carnival July 2014
Thu 10 Jul 18:31 Fw: Cannigione and the World Cup July 2014 41.06:50N 009.26:54E 41:06.50N 9:26.54E
Tue 01 Jul 19:06 North bay, Cannigione, Saline bay and Cannigione marina. 1st -12th July 2014
Jun 2014
Mon 30 Jun 18:59 Cannigione marina 29-30th June 2014. Wind, wind and more wind. N41:06.49 E009:26.55 41:06.49N 9:26.55E
Sat 28 Jun 18:56 North bay, Cannigione, Sardinia. 28-29th June 2014. N41:07.91 E009:27.97 41:07.91N 9:27.97E
Fri 27 Jun 18:54 Sardinia by car . 27th June 2014. N41:01.92 E009:31.50 41:01.92N 9:31.50E
Sun 22 Jun 18:38 Sailing the area and Cala Lazarina bay, Lavezzi Islands , off Corsica. 22-26th June 2014 N41:20.22 E009:15.06 41:20.22N 9:15.06E
Sat 21 Jun 18:33 Bonifacio, Corsica. 21st June 2014. N41:23.34 E009:09.83 41:23.34N 9:09.83E
Thu 19 Jun 18:29 Cannigione to Maddalena . 19th-20th June 2014 N41:12:85 E009:24.64 41:12.85N 9:24.64E
Tue 17 Jun 18:23 Cannigione, Sardinia 17-19th June 2014 N41:06.50 E009:26.54 41:06.50N 9:26.54E
Tue 10 Jun 18:17 Sardinia ,Italy. Exploring the North East coast of Sardinia . 10th -17th June 2014.
Sat 07 Jun 17:10 Joining Tioram, Olbia, Sardinia. 7th June 2014.
May 2014
Thu 22 May 13:01 Debs Story - Greece to Sardinia - N41:06.50 E09:26.54 41:06.50N 9:26.54E
Thu 22 May 11:28 A great day sailing 21st May N41:07.96 E009:28.053 41:07.96N 9:28.05E
Wed 21 May 09:06 Arrival in Sardinia. 19th May N40:50.58 E09:43.21 672 miles completed. 40:50.58N 9:43.21E
Tue 20 May 09:26 A watch keeper life 02.00am 20th May N39:53.44 E011:47.16 39:53.44N 11:47.16E
Mon 19 May 23:59 Fw: A watch keeper life 02.00am 20th May N39:53.44 E011:47.16 39:53.44N 12:47.16E
Mon 19 May 17:43 Getting the kite up at last. 20.41 pm 19th May N38:41.51 E012:32.80 38:41.51N 12:32.80E
Mon 19 May 07:15 Monday morning. 10.00 am 19th May N39:10.52 E13:29.27 39:10.52N 13:29.27E
Sun 18 May 18:21 Away towards Sardinia. 18th May 21.20 pm N38:36.23 E014:58.94 38:36.23N 14:58.94E
Sun 18 May 18:02 leaving the Messina Straits 18th May 15.00 pm N38:22.19 E015:38.89 38:22.19N 15:38.89E
Sun 18 May 18:00 Entrance to the Messina Straits. 18th May 2014 0900am N37:50.023 E015:33.44 37:50.02N 15:33.44E
Sun 18 May 04:16 Approaching Messina. 07.50am 18th May N37:51.78 E016:08.18 37:51.78N 16:08.18E
Sat 17 May 16:44 The Italian coast line in sight. 17th May 19.33. N38:16.01 E017:24.85 38:16.01N 17:24.85E
Sat 17 May 08:09 Halfway to Messina. 17th May 2014 N38:25.22 E018:20.60 38:25.22N 18:20.60E
Sat 17 May 00:17 First night at sea. All well. N38:39.21 E19:07.42 38:39.21N 19:07.42E
Fri 16 May 12:57 A new adventure starts, 16th May 2014 39:24.352N 020:13.979E 39:24.35N 20:13.98E
Fri 16 May 12:41 A new adventure starts, 16th May 2014 39:24.352N 020:13.979E 39:24.35N 20:13.98E
Wed 14 May 11:25 A new season begins. Island of Corfu, Greece 14th May 2014 39:36.78N 019:55.53E 39:36.78N 19:55.53E
Jan 2014
Thu 16 Jan 15:34 Yacht Tioram
Nov 2013
Thu 14 Nov 11:03 Touring Levkas by scooter.
Thu 14 Nov 10:56 Vathy, Meganisi 5th -9th October 2013. Who has the quay to the electricity box ????'
Thu 14 Nov 10:47 Tioram looses her wings.
Thu 14 Nov 10:42 Vlikho, Levkas, Port Polis, Ithaka to Ayios Eufimia, Kefalonia. 29th,30th Sept to 1st October 2013.
Wed 13 Nov 14:29 Island of Kalamos to Nidri beach, Tranquil bay and Vlikho, Levkas. 28th-29th Sept 2013.
Wed 13 Nov 14:25 Vathy, Meganisi to Island of Kalamos. 27th-28th Sept 2013.
Wed 13 Nov 14:17 Port Atheni, Meganisi , Marathia bay, mainland to Vathy marina ,Meganisi 26th-27th Sept 2013.
Wed 13 Nov 13:53 Vathy, Ithaka to Port Atheni, Meganisi 25th-26th Sept 2013.
Wed 13 Nov 13:42 Sami, Kefalonia to Vathy, Ithaka. 24th -25th September 2013
Sep 2013
Tue 17 Sep 12:09 Sami another thunderstorm 16th sept 2013.
Tue 17 Sep 12:07 Thunderstorms arrive in Sami, Kefalonia 13th sept 2013.
Tue 17 Sep 12:05 A sunny day in Sami, Kefalonia sept 2013.
Tue 17 Sep 12:04 motorbiking, Mt Ainos above the clouds and the Ithaka channel
Tue 17 Sep 12:01 And a few more photos of Motorbiking in Kefalonia Sept 2013.
Tue 17 Sep 11:56 More ... motorbiking in Kefalonia photos sept 2013.
Tue 17 Sep 11:53 Sami, Island of Kefalonia. 10th-16th Sept 2013. Touring the island by motorbike.
Tue 17 Sep 11:50 The September 'Sea of Change'. 2013
Tue 17 Sep 11:50 Circling around the Islands 22nd August - 9th September 2013
Tue 17 Sep 11:08 More.....Themata festival dancing pics.
Tue 17 Sep 11:07 Themata Monastery Festival, Ayios Eufimia, Kefalonia. 20th -22nd August 2013. ( great photos )
Tue 17 Sep 11:05 A good curry !! 13th-20th August 2013.
Aug 2013
Thu 15 Aug 15:57 Port Atheni, Island of Meganisi 10th-12h August 2013.
Thu 15 Aug 15:50 Vlikho, Island of Levkas 8th-10th August 2013.
Thu 15 Aug 15:47 Sailing North to Argostoli (Assos continued)
Thu 15 Aug 15:44 Sailing North from Argostoli (Myrtos Beach and Assos)
Thu 15 Aug 15:20 Ferry life..... in Argostoli, Kefalonia
Thu 15 Aug 15:14 Argostoli, Island of Kefalonia. Turtles !!, Market day and Scooter culture. 5th-8th August 2013.
Thu 15 Aug 15:09 Day boats for hire in Keri bay, Zakinthos
Thu 15 Aug 15:06 Keri bay, Island of Zakinthos. 3rd- 5th August 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:47 Zakinthos town harbour, Zakinthos 1st-3rd August 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:44 Killini, Peloponnese mainland. 31st july - Ist August 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:41 Port Polis bay, Island of Ithaka. 29th-31st July 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:36 Vathy,Island of Ithaka. 26th- 29th July 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:23 Sleeping on deck...... mornings in Sami, Kefalonia.
Fri 02 Aug 16:21 Life on yachts in Sami, Kefalonia 21st -26th July 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 16:14 Shattered houses on Kefalonia July 2013.
Fri 02 Aug 15:42 Rosie's cafe, Karia village, Island of Kefalonia.
Fri 02 Aug 15:27 More glorious images of Kefalonia
Jul 2013
Wed 24 Jul 16:19 Sami, Island of Kefalonia. 19th-21st July 2013 --- 'United Nations' work together to un-cross anchors.
Sat 20 Jul 15:30 Ayios Eufimia, Island of Kefalonia. 16th -19th July 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 15:29 Rouda bay again. Levkas. 15th -16th July 2013
Sat 20 Jul 15:28 The Onassis Island of Skorpios and Ligia, Island of Levkas. 13th-15th July 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 15:27 Rouda Bay, Mikros Gialos, Island of Levkas. 'The seafaring Italian repels the Brits'. 11th -13th July 2013
Sat 20 Jul 11:25 Varkho again, Greek Mainland. 10th-11th July.
Sat 20 Jul 11:23 Ligia, Island of Levkas. A boat sinks 9th- 10th July 2013
Sat 20 Jul 11:11 Vlikho, Island of Levkas. 7th -9th July 2013
Sat 20 Jul 10:57 Port Atheni, The reef.
Sat 20 Jul 10:52 Port Atheni, Island of Meganisi. 29th June- 7th July 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 10:41 Ligia at anchor. Island of Levkas,. Varkho and Palairos, Greek Mainland 27th,28th, 29th June 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 10:18 Vlikho bay, Nidri, Island of Levkas. 24th-27th June 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 10:12 Rouda bay/ Mikros Gialos (Poros) Island of Levkas. 21st -24th June 2013
Sat 20 Jul 10:02 Gerassimus and the 30 year old fishing boat. Ayios Eufimia 20th June 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 10:00 Ayios Eufimia, Kefalonia. 17th -21st June 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 09:58 Images of the beautiful Island Of Kefalonia. mid- June 2013.
Sat 20 Jul 09:51 Growing up from Scooter to Motorbike, Sami Kefalonia, mid June 2013
Sat 20 Jul 09:43 Sami town, The not so speedy 'Speedex' parcel.
Jun 2013
Sun 30 Jun 18:13 The Crazy German gentleman and the rat !!, Sami, Kefalonia
Sun 30 Jun 18:12 Mornings in Sami town and Spathis the patisserie, Kefalonia.
Sun 30 Jun 18:11 Life in Sami town, Andreas the mechanic.
Sun 30 Jun 18:10 Sami waterfront town, life and turtles !-- Island of Kefalonia. 6th-17th June 2013. 38.15:24N 020.38:88E 38:15.24N 20:38.88E
Sun 30 Jun 18:08 Sivota Bay, Island of Levkas. 5th-6th June 2013. 38.37:31N 020.41:06E 38:37.31N 20:41.06E
Sun 30 Jun 18:06 Vlikho bay, Island of Levkas (Lefkada). 4th-5th June 2013. 38.41:35N 020.42:56E 38:41.35N 20:42.56E
Sun 30 Jun 18:02 Preveza a second time and Levkas Marina 2nd- 4th June 2013' 38.49:80N 020.42:78E 38:49.80N 20:42.78E
Sun 30 Jun 17:59 Vonitsa. Mainland Greece. Ist to 2nd June 2013 38.55:32N 020.53:083E 38:55.32N 20:53.08E
Sun 30 Jun 17:51 Preveza. Mainland Greece. 28th May - Ist June 2013. 38.57:50N 020.45:31E 38:57.50N 20:45.31E
Sun 30 Jun 17:43 Tioram blog starts for 2013---- April/May-- Tony has spent too much time in the boatyard.
Dec 2012
Mon 24 Dec 14:37 The end of the Summer in the Ionian
Oct 2012
Fri 12 Oct 19:28 Island of Kastos, Ionian. 4th-5th Oct 2012.
Fri 12 Oct 19:27 Island of Kalamos, Kalamos town again. 2nd-4th Oct 2012.
Fri 12 Oct 19:26 Kioni, Island of Ithaka, 1st -2nd October 2012.
Fri 12 Oct 19:25 The Art of getting out of the water.................gracefully.
Fri 12 Oct 19:24 Ayios Eufimia, Kefalonia. (Fish!)----28th Sept-Ist Oct 2012
Fri 12 Oct 18:52 Sami again and the Kefalonian interior. 26th-28th September 2012. Photo's continued...
Fri 12 Oct 18:45 Sami again and the Kefalonian interior. 26th-28th September 2012.
Fri 12 Oct 18:33 The Famous 'Shipwreck Cove', Island of Zakinthos. 25th Sept. 2012 Photo's continued.
Fri 12 Oct 18:25 The Famous 'Shipwreck Cove', Island of Zakinthos. 25th Sept. 2012
Fri 12 Oct 17:54 Zakinthos town quay, Island of Zakinthos. 21st-25th Sept. Continued......
Fri 12 Oct 17:53 Zakinthos town quay, Island of Zakinthos. 21st-25th Sept.
Fri 12 Oct 17:51 Fiskardo, Island of Kefalonia. 20th -21st September.
Fri 12 Oct 17:49 Spilia bay and Spartachori village, Island of Meganisi. 16th-17th Sept.
Fri 12 Oct 17:46 Yes it rains in Greece too ! Vathy, Island of Meganisi. Ionian. 11th-16th Sept.
Sep 2012
Sun 16 Sep 07:23 Kalamos Photo,s continued
Sun 16 Sep 07:21 Kalamos Town, Island of Kalamos, 9th-11th Sept, 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 06:51 Port Leone, Island of Kalamos, Ionian. 8th-9th Sept, 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 06:48 Port Atheni, Island of Meganisi---again !! 6th-8th Sept 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 06:47 Levkas Canal and Preveza Sept, 2012
Sun 16 Sep 06:47 Nidri, Island of Levkas, 31st August -4th Sept 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 05:40 Port Atheni, Island of Meganisi 26th-31st August, 2012
Sun 16 Sep 05:40 Port Polis bay, Ithaka. 24th-26th August, 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 05:39 Ormos Foki bay, near Fiskardho, Kefalonia. 21st-24th August 2012
Sun 16 Sep 05:38 Sami, Kefalonia. 20th - 21st August 2012
Sun 16 Sep 05:37 Ayios Efimia, Kefalonia, 16th - 20th August 2012
Sun 16 Sep 05:37 The 'Italian Job', no------ the Italian blog!, Ionian, August 2012.
Sun 16 Sep 05:36 Ionian Islands, 9th-16th August, 2012. (Photo,s continued)
Sun 16 Sep 05:26 Ionian Islands, 9th-16th August, 2012.
Sat 15 Sep 19:25 Island of Kefalonia. Ayios Eufimia harbour. 3rd- 8th August.
Sat 15 Sep 14:28 Ferry Life in Sami, Kefalonia, Ionian. July. 2012
Aug 2012
Fri 17 Aug 17:42 Island of Kefalonia, Fiskardo town harbour. Map reference only 38:27.64N 020:34.54E 38:27.64N 20:34.54E
Fri 17 Aug 17:41 Island of Ithaca, Schoinos bay. Map reference only 38:23.92N 020:43.28E 38:23.92N 20:43.28E
Fri 17 Aug 17:40 Island of Atokos. Map reference only 38:29.17N 020:49.28E 38:29.17N 20:49.28E
Fri 17 Aug 17:38 Island of Meganisi, 'Papa Nicolis' cave, Island of Atokos, One House bay, Island of Ithaca, Skhoinos bay, Island of Kefalonia, Fiskardo town. 30th Jul
Fri 17 Aug 17:27 Island of Levkas, Nidri. Map reference / Photo's 38:42.18N 020:42.77E 38:42.18N 20:42.77E
Fri 17 Aug 17:19 Island of Skorpios. Map reference only 38:41.42N 020:44.96E 38:41.42N 20:44.96E
Fri 17 Aug 17:16 Vathy, Island of Meganisi. Map reference / Photo's 38:39.88N 020:46.86E 38:39.88N 20:46.86E
Fri 17 Aug 17:05 Port Atheni, Island of Meganisi. Map reference / Photo's 38:40.13N 020:47.93E 38:40.13N 20:47.93E
Fri 17 Aug 16:06 Island of Meganisi, Port Atheni, Vathy Town. Island of Skorpios (Jackie Kennedy-Onassis), Island of Levkas, Tranquil bay, Nidri town. Ionian. 27
Fri 17 Aug 16:03 Ormos Kolopoulou bay, Island of Meganisi, Ionian. 26th-27th July 2012 38:38.77N 020:46.05E 38:38.77N 20:46.05E
Fri 17 Aug 15:55 Vathy, Ithaca. 25th--26th July 2012 38:21.93N 020:42.19E 38:21.93N 20:42.19E
Fri 17 Aug 15:48 Sami town, Kefalonia to Skhoinos bay, Ithaca 23rd July - 25th July 2012 38:22.88N 020:42.97E 38:22.88N 20:42.97E
Jul 2012
Mon 23 Jul 14:39 Argostoli to Sami, Kefalonia 15th to 22nd July 2012 38:15.24N 020:38.86E 38:15.24N 20:38.86E
Tue 17 Jul 07:13 Island of Zakinthos, Zakinthos town to the Island of Kefalonia, Liakas Point and Argostoli. 13th - 15th July 2012. 38:10.71N 020:29.38E 38:10.71N 20:29.38E
Tue 17 Jul 07:09 Schiso, East Sicily to Island of Zakinthos, Ionian, Greece. 6th July - 13th July 2012. 37:49.72N 015:20.81E 37:49.72N 15:20.81E
Tue 17 Jul 07:06 Milazzo Peninsula, north coast of Sicily through Messina Straits to Taormina, East Sicily. 5th July 2012. 38:16.025N 015:13.84E 38:16.02N 15:13.84E
Wed 11 Jul 18:03 Photo's Cefalu, North coast of Sicily
Wed 11 Jul 18:02 Photo's Mondello Bay, North Coast of Sicily
Wed 11 Jul 18:00 Photo's Cabo Carbonara, Sardinia to Cabo San Vito, Sicily
Wed 11 Jul 17:49 Photo's Porta Malfatano Bay, Sardinia
Wed 11 Jul 17:19 Maria and Pepe
Thu 05 Jul 13:05 Milazzo Peninsula, north coast Sicily. 4th July 2012 38:16.025N 015:13.84E 38:16.02N 15:13.84E
Thu 05 Jul 13:03 Cefalu, North coast of Sicily. 3rd July 2012. 38:02.25N 014:02.20E 38:02.25N 14:02.20E
Thu 05 Jul 13:01 Mondello bay, north coast of Sicily. 2nd July 2012. 38:12.16N 013:20.01E 38:12.16N 13:20.01E
Thu 05 Jul 12:59 Cabo Carbonara, Sardinia to Cabo San Vito, Sicily. 30th June - Ist July 2012. 38:10.71N 012:44.40E 38:10.71N 12:44.40E
Thu 05 Jul 12:57 Porto Malfatano bay, Sardinia to Cabo Carbonara bay, Sardinia. 29th - 30th June. 39:07.59N 009:30.08E 39:07.59N 9:30.08E
Thu 05 Jul 12:55 Palma, Mallorca to Porto Malfatano bay, Golfo di Cagliari, Sardinia. 26th - 28th June 2012. 38:53.55N 008:48.70E 38:53.55N 8:48.70E
Thu 05 Jul 12:52 Palma. 39:33.87N 002:38.04E 39:33.87N 2:38.04E
Thu 05 Jul 12:49 Cala Boix, Ibiza to Palma Nova, Mallorca. 24th - 26th June 2012. 39:30.87N 002:32.62E 39:30.87N 2:32.62E
Thu 05 Jul 12:47 Formentera to Cala Boix, Ibiza, Balearic Islands 23rd - 24th June 2012 39:01.68N 001:36.42E 39:01.68N 1:36.42E
Thu 05 Jul 12:43 Mazarron, mainland to Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain. 20 - 23rd June 2012. 38:43.95N 001:24.28E 38:43.95N 1:24.28E
Thu 05 Jul 12:42 Mazarron, Mainland Spain. Map reference only. 37:33.87N 001:15.42W 37:33.87N 1:15.42W
Thu 05 Jul 12:36 Tioram sets sail heading East. June 2012.
Dec 2011
Fri 02 Dec 10:17 Food , food and more food----Traditional Spanish 'Migas'. 29th November.
Fri 02 Dec 10:17 Argentinian BBQ.-- 27th November
Fri 02 Dec 10:16 'Paella', with Spanish friends.--- 24th November.
Nov 2011
Fri 25 Nov 11:04 La Azohia, Spain 12th October. 37:33.87N 001:10.36W 37:33.87N 1:10.36W
Fri 25 Nov 11:03 Tioram completes her 'dream' to sail to Greece.
Fri 25 Nov 11:03 Island of Formentera to mainland Spain. 27th-28th September 37:33.87N 001:15.41W 37:33.87N 1:15.41W
Fri 25 Nov 11:02 Island of Formentera. 26th -27th September. 38:45.42N 001:25.86E 38:45.42N 1:25.86E
Fri 25 Nov 11:02 Cala Estanyol, Ibiza. 25th-26th September. 38:59.30N 001:33.12E 38:59.30N 1:33.12E
Fri 25 Nov 11:01 Andraitx, Mallorca 24th-25th September 39:32.83N 002:23.23E 39:32.83N 2:23.23E
Fri 25 Nov 11:01 Palma Nova, Mallorca. 22nd-24th September 39:30.84N 002:32.63E 39:30.84N 2:32.63E
Sep 2011
Fri 30 Sep 08:44 Jackie and John say 'goodbye' to Tioram.
Fri 30 Sep 08:43 Palma, Mallorca. 21st --22nd September. 39:33.94N 002:37.96E 39:33.94N 2:37.96E
Fri 30 Sep 08:41 Sailing/motoring to Palma Nova Bay, Mallorca 20th--21st September 39:30.86N 002:32.63E 39:30.86N 2:32.63E
Fri 30 Sep 08:35 Playa de Rapita (bay) Mallorca. 19th -20th September 39:21.52N 002:57.57E 39:21.52N 2:57.57E
Fri 30 Sep 08:12 Sailing from Sardinia to Mallorca, Balearics 16th -18th September 39:21.55N 003:12.88E 39:21.55N 3:12.88E
Fri 30 Sep 07:59 Cagliari, Sardinia. 14th-16th September. 39:12.73N 009:06.74E 39:12.73N 9:06.74E
Fri 30 Sep 07:57 At sea, sailing from Palermo to Sardinia. 12th-14th September 38:57.54N 010:08.43E 38:57.54N 10:08.43E
Fri 30 Sep 07:46 Palermo, Sicily, Italy. 11th-12th September. 38:07.47N 013:22.31E 38:07.47N 13:22.31E
Fri 30 Sep 07:44 Fw: The 'Dream' of Greece. (postscript) 39.16:27N 015.06:33E 39:16.27N 15:06.33E
Fri 16 Sep 06:07 Island of Zakinthos, Ionian/ Tioram heads West through Messina Straits.--- 8th--10th September 38.15:09N 015.37:54E 38:15.09N 15:37.54E
Wed 07 Sep 19:59 Island of Zakinthos, Ionian 7th-8th August 37:47.09N 021:54.10E 37:47.09N 21:54.10E
Wed 07 Sep 19:56 Galaxidhi, Gulf of Corinth, Mainland, 6th-7th Sept 38:22.61N 022:23.28E 38:22.61N 22:23.28E
Wed 07 Sep 19:55 Kalamaki Bay, Mainland and Corinthian Canal. 4th -5th August 37:54.98N 023:00.53E 37:54.98N 23:00.53E
Wed 07 Sep 06:46 Poros Town, Island of Poros, Saronics. 3rd --5th September 37:05.23N 025:07.95E 37:05.23N 25:07.95E
Wed 07 Sep 06:44 Livadhi bay, Island of Serifos, Cyclades. 2nd -3rd Sept. 37:08.68N 024:31.02E 37:08.68N 24:31.02E
Wed 07 Sep 06:43 Paroikia port, Island of Paros, Middle Cyclades. 1st-2nd Sept 37:05.23N 025:07.95E 37:05.23N 25:07.95E
Wed 07 Sep 06:40 Skala Port, Island of Patmos. Dodecanese. 31st August--Ist Sept. 37:19.71N 026:32.62E 37:19.71N 26:32.62E
Wed 07 Sep 06:39 Kos Marina, Island of Kos, Dodecanese. 30th-31st August 36:53.50N 027:18.12E 36:53.50N 27:18.12E
Wed 07 Sep 06:39 Gialos Harbour, Simi town ,Simi, Dodecanese. 29th-30th August 36:37.00E 027:50.23E
Wed 07 Sep 06:38 Pedhi Bay, Island of Simi, Dodecanese. 28th-29th August. 36:36.87N 027:51.48E 36:36.87N 27:51.48E
Wed 07 Sep 06:37 Panormitis Bay, Island of Simi, Dodecanese. 27th-28th August 36:33.10N 027:50.76E 36:33.10N 27:50.76E
Tue 06 Sep 16:39 Pedhi Bay, Island of Simi, Dodecanese. 23rd--27th August 36:36.93N 027:51.41E 36:36.93N 27:51.41E
Tue 06 Sep 13:24 Island of Symi,(Simi), Gialos harbour - Dodecanese. 20th--23rd August 36:36.99N 027:50.21E 36:36.99N 27:50.21E
Aug 2011
Tue 23 Aug 06:08 Tioram touches Turkey 19th--20th August 36:41.08N 027:22.94E 36:41.08N 27:22.94E
Tue 23 Aug 06:02 Kos Town and Marina, Island of Kos, Dodecanese. 17th-19th August. 36:53.76N 027:17.35E 36:53.76N 27:17.35E
Tue 23 Aug 05:54 Port of Pothia, Island of Kalymnos, Dodecanese. 16th--17th August. 36:57.04N 026:59.17E 36:57.04N 26:59.17E
Tue 23 Aug 05:51 Lakki Bay, Leros Marina, Island of Leros, Dodecanese. 14th --16th August 37:07.75N 026:51.44E 37:07.75N 26:51.44E
Tue 23 Aug 05:43 Island of Lipsi, Dodecanese. 13th -14th August 37:17.67N 026:45.98E 37:17.67N 26:45.98E
Tue 23 Aug 05:39 Pythagorion, Island of Samos, Dodecanese. 4th August -13th August
Wed 10 Aug 10:34 Island of Samos, Samos Marina and Pythagorion Harbour. 2nd --4th August 37:41.40N 026:56.58E 37:41.40N 26:56.58E
Wed 10 Aug 10:33 Island of Makronis off Arki, Dodecanese. 1st--2nd August. 37:22.17N 026:44.95E 37:22.17N 26:44.95E
Wed 10 Aug 10:33 Lipsi town, Island of Lipsi, Dodecanese. 31st July-- 1st August. 37:17.67N 026:45.99E 37:17.67N 26:45.99E
Wed 10 Aug 10:31 Skala, Island of Patmos, Dodecanese. 29th--31st July. 37:19.65N 026:32.62E 37:19.65N 26:32.62E
Wed 10 Aug 10:30 Port Augusta, Island of Arki, Dodecanese. 27th--29th July. 37:22.89N 026:44.14E 37:22.89N 26:44.14E
Wed 10 Aug 09:58 Ayios Georgios port, Island of Agathonisi, Dodecanese. 25th -27th July 37:27.46N 026:58.00E 37:27.46N 26:58.00E
Jul 2011
Sun 31 Jul 06:36 Poseidonion Bay , Island of Samos, Eastern Sporades. 23rd--24th July 37:42.65N 027:03.38E 37:42.65N 27:03.38E
Sun 31 Jul 06:33 Pythagorion, (Pythagoreio) Island of Samos, Eastern Sporades---19th--25th July. 37:41.42N 026:57.27E 37:41.42N 26:57.27E
Sun 31 Jul 06:26 Thermia Point, Island of Ikaria, Eastern Sporades --18th July. 37:37.024N 026:18.25E 37:37.02N 26:18.25E
Sun 31 Jul 06:22 Island of Delos, Cyclades by ferry--17th July.
Sun 31 Jul 06:19 Island of Mykonos, Cyclades, 16th--18th July. 37:27.85N 025:19.62E 37:27.85N 25:19.62E
Sun 31 Jul 06:11 Island of Naxos to Island of Mykonos, Ornos Bay 15th -16th July 37:25.08N 025:19.41E 37:25.08N 25:19.41E
Sun 31 Jul 06:01 More photos of Naxos
Wed 13 Jul 13:27 Island of Santorini ( Correction of error in text )
Wed 13 Jul 13:00 Island of Naxos, Cyclades, 11th -- 13th July 37:06.27N 025:22.47E 37:06.27N 25:22.47E
Wed 13 Jul 12:54 Island of Naxos, Kolondo Bay 9th - 11th July 36:56.11N 025:28.27E 36:56.11N 25:28.27E
Wed 13 Jul 12:47 Island of Sikinos, Skala Bay. 8th to 9th July 36:40.49N 025:08.71E 36:40.49N 25:08.71E
Wed 13 Jul 12:42 Island of Santorini, Cyclades- By Ferry--7th July
Wed 13 Jul 12:36 Karavostasi, Island of Folegandros, Cyclades. 5th-8th July. 36:36.88N 024:56.95E 36:36.88N 24:56.95E
Wed 13 Jul 12:21 Island of Milos, Cyclades 2nd -5th July 36:43.43N 024:26.83E 36:43.43N 24:26.83E
Sun 03 Jul 19:09 Kamares, Island of SIFNOS, Cyclades. Ist-2nd July 36:59.36N 024:40.48E 36:59.36N 24:40.48E
Sun 03 Jul 18:44 Vathy, The Island of SIFNOS, Cyclades. 28th June -Ist July 36:55.86N 024:41.36E 36:55.86N 24:41.36E
Sun 03 Jul 18:42 More of Paros, 'The Rough and the Smooth of it all'.
Jun 2011
Fri 24 Jun 13:14 Paroikia, Island of Paros, Middle Cyclades. 18th--24th June. 37:05.25N 025:09.11E 37:05.25N 25:09.11E
Fri 24 Jun 11:02 Livadi, Island of Serifos, Cyclades--16th-17th June 37:08.58N 24:30.92E 37:08.58N 24:30.92E
Fri 24 Jun 10:48 Ayios Stefanos, Kithnos, Cyclades 15th June 37:23.74N 24:27.47E 37:23.74N 24:27.47E
Fri 24 Jun 10:47 Island of Kithnos, Cyclades 14th-15th June 37:24.85N 24:22.59E 37:24.85N 24:22.59E
Fri 24 Jun 10:40 Island of Hydra, Saronics, 13th June. 37:20.99N 023:27.98E 37:20.99N 23:27.98E
Fri 24 Jun 10:16 Ermioni, Peloponnese mainland Greece, 12th June. 37:23.12N 023:15.31E 37:23.12N 23:15.31E
Fri 24 Jun 10:14 Island of Poros, Saronics, 9th --12th June 2011
Sat 11 Jun 13:51 Island of Poros. Aegean sea----9th June 37:30.04N 23:27.15E 37:30.04N 23:27.15E
Sat 11 Jun 13:41 Corinthian Canal-----8th June 2011. 37:55.88N 022:59.30E 37:55.88N 22:59.30E
Sat 11 Jun 13:32 Fw: Galaxidhi, North shore of the Gulf of Corinth, and Delphi Mainland Greece---6th-8th June. 38:22.60N 022:23.28E 38:22.60N 22:23.28E
Sat 11 Jun 13:11 Skala Kalithea--- Gulf of Corinth--5th June 38:20.95N 022:09.22E 38:20.95N 22:09.22E
Sun 05 Jun 08:47 The Gulf of Patras and Town of Navpaxtos.-----4th June. 38:23.48N 021:49.87E 38:23.48N 21:49.87E
Sun 05 Jun 08:34 Ormos Oxia--- Mainland Greece--3rd June. 38:20.18N 021:07.32E 38:20.18N 21:07.32E
Sun 05 Jun 08:27 Spartakhori, Island of Meganisi---2nd June 38:39.70N 020:45.56E 38:39.70N 20:45.56E
Thu 02 Jun 08:24 Preveza--mainland Greece. Ist June 2011. 38:57.45N 020:45.30E 38:57.45N 20:45.30E
Thu 02 Jun 08:23 South to Paxos again---30th-31st May 2011. 39:12.14N 020:11.20E 39:12.14N 20:11.20E
Thu 02 Jun 08:22 Plataria--- mainland Greece--- 29th May 2011 39:27.14N 020:16.46E 39:27.14N 20:16.46E
Thu 02 Jun 08:22 Corfu Channel----28th May 2011. 39:45.93N 019:57.54E 39:45.93N 19:57.54E
Wed 01 Jun 06:37 Re: Island of Corfu---Corfu Town, 24th--26th May 39:37.22N 019:55.58E 39:37.22N 19:55.58E
May 2011
Wed 25 May 16:13 Island of Paxos -23rd May. 39:12.15N 020:11.21E 39:12.15N 20:11.21E
Wed 25 May 16:12 Levkas Canal and Preveza, 22nd May 38:47.11N 020:44.35E 38:47.11N 20:44.35E
Wed 25 May 16:10 Kefalonia again, Fiskardho--20th-21st May 38:27.64N 020:34.54E 38:27.64N 20:34.54E
Wed 25 May 16:06 Vlikho on the Island of Levkas 21st May 38:41.27N 020:42.45E 38:41.27N 20:42.45E
Thu 19 May 20:10 Ithaca --19th May 38:21.92N 020:42.93E 38:21.92N 20:42.93E
Thu 19 May 19:59 Cephalonia 17th --19th May 2011 38:15.24N 020:33.89E 38:15.24N 20:33.89E
Mon 16 May 19:57 Photographs from Zakinthos
Sun 15 May 15:15 15th May--Tioram arrives in Greece 37:47.09N 020:54.10E 37:47.09N 20:54.10E
Sat 14 May 14:01 14th May--Tioram approaches Greece. 37:29.42N 019:17.39E 37:29.42N 19:17.39E
Wed 11 May 21:00 Fw: 9th May--12th May-- Gozo, Maltese Islands. 36:01.57N 014:18.08E 36:01.57N 14:18.08E
Wed 11 May 20:35 7th--9th May The Island of Comino, Maltese Island. 36:00.86N 014:19.39E 36:00.86N 14:19.39E
Wed 11 May 20:04 7th May-- Leaving Malta.
Wed 04 May 23:46 Tioram heads for Greece
Wed 04 May 23:45 Easter Celebrations and Fireworks
Wed 04 May 23:45 Mdina , Malta
Wed 04 May 23:44 Maltese Buses
Wed 04 May 23:44 Mom and Dad's Visit
Wed 04 May 23:42 Festivals and Carnivals, Malta.
Wed 04 May 22:05 'Alive and Kicking in Malta
Jan 2011
Sun 09 Jan 11:12 Pizza with Maltese Friends.
Sun 02 Jan 13:11 New Years Eve, Valletta, Malta, 2010
Sun 02 Jan 12:46 Fw: Intriguing cafe, Valletta, Malta----27th December 2010
Sun 02 Jan 12:45 Christmas Eve 24th December,Valetta, Malta 2010
Sun 02 Jan 12:32 Wilfred the Diver, Malta
Sun 02 Jan 12:24 'The things we do' in Malta-- 17th November 2010
Sun 02 Jan 12:15 Out and about in Valletta, Malta November 2010
Oct 2010
Fri 22 Oct 21:20 Sicily to Malta---' Grand Harbour Arrival' 35:55.46N 014:31.42E 35:55.46N 14:31.42E
Fri 22 Oct 21:03 Sciacca --Sicily 37:30.20N 013:04.67E 37:30.20N 13:04.67E
Fri 22 Oct 20:40 Sardinia to Sicily 37:47.23N 012:26.49E 37:47.23N 12:26.49E
Fri 22 Oct 17:00 Postscript from Sardinia
Mon 04 Oct 12:32 Sardinia, Cagliari. 39:12.67N 009:06.89E 39:12.67N 9:06.89E
Mon 04 Oct 12:30 Menorca to Sardinia---'Not all plain sailing!!' 25th-29th September 39:40.30N 006:38.30E 39:40.30N 6:38.30E
Sep 2010
Fri 24 Sep 22:26 Mallorca to Menorca and onto Sardinia 20th --25th September 39:53.28N 004:16.59E 39:53.28N 4:16.59E
Sun 19 Sep 17:32 Palma de Mallorca 17th---19th September 39:33.77N 002:37.80E 39:33.77N 2:37.80E
Sun 19 Sep 17:00 Palma Nova, Mallorca 16th-17th September 39:31.17N 002:32.49E 39:31.17N 2:32.49E
Sun 19 Sep 16:43 Ibiza and Mallorca 14th - 16th September 39:32.42N 002:22.67E 39:32.42N 2:22.67E
Tue 14 Sep 10:02 Ibiza --13th- 14th September 38:54.70N 001:26.94E 38:54.70N 1:26.94E
Tue 14 Sep 10:00 Mazarron to Formentera, Balearic Islands. 9th to 13th September. 38:44.57N 00:25.56E 38:44.57N 1:25.56E
Thu 09 Sep 08:11 Summer in Puerto de Mazarron
Jun 2010
Thu 24 Jun 17:41 Arriving 'home' in Mazarron 37.33:87N 01.15:42W 37:33.87N 1:15.42W
Wed 16 Jun 18:04 Cabo de Gata---Approaching Mazarron 36.44:84N 02.04:59W 36:44.84N 2:04.59W
Wed 16 Jun 17:44 Portugal to Gibraltar 36.02:68N 05.26:71W 36:02.68N 5:26.71W
Sat 12 Jun 11:40 Arrival is Sweet 37.05:02N 08.15:87W 37:05.02N 8:15.87W
Thu 10 Jun 18:42 37.05:02N 008.15:87W 37:05.02N 8:15.87W
Tue 08 Jun 21:56 Tioram heads for the Med 37.34:92N 13.02:53W 37:34.92N 13:02.53W
Mon 07 Jun 21:23 37.35:12N 016.32:85W 37:35.12N 16:32.85W
Sun 06 Jun 23:25 Things that go bump in the night !! 37.26:66N 19.31:07W 37:26.66N 19:31.07W
Sat 05 Jun 21:30 Calm seas, Spinnaker up and Guitar music 37.25:65N 022.14:52W 37:25.65N 22:14.52W
Fri 04 Jun 22:57 Leaving the Azores 37.38:64N 024.55:18W 37:38.64N 24:55.18W
Thu 03 Jun 09:09 Leaving the Azores 38.31:94N 028.37:49W 38:31.94N 28:37.49W
Wed 02 Jun 19:54 Antigua to the Azores Photo's
Wed 02 Jun 19:13 The Infamous Peter's Bar , Horta the Azores
May 2010
Thu 27 May 16:56 Caribbean to the Azores...
Thu 27 May 16:50 38.31:86N 28.37:44W 38:31.86N 28:37.44W
Wed 26 May 19:12 37.39:69N 30.55:37W 37:39.69N 30:55.37W
Tue 25 May 15:29 37.05:19N 35.04:31W 37:05.19N 35:04.31W
Mon 24 May 16:36 36.20:46N 038.02:12W 36:20.46N 38:02.12W
Sun 23 May 17:01 36.48:18N 040.56:93W 36:48.18N 40:56.93W
Sat 22 May 14:52 36.32:26N 044.02.79W 36:32.26N 44:02.79W
Fri 21 May 16:59 36.16:080N 047.02:93W 36:16.08N 47:02.93W
Thu 20 May 17:01 Crew Photo
Thu 20 May 16:23 35.29:78N 050.29.230W 35:29.78N 50:29.23W
Wed 19 May 15:39 34.39:92N 053.16:010W 34:39.92N 53:16.01W
Tue 18 May 17:31 34.07:59N 055,08:19W
Mon 17 May 18:43 33.28:92N 057.40:02W 33:28.92N 57:40.02W
Sun 16 May 16:25 32.24:63N 060.11:17W 32:24.63N 60:11.17W
Sat 15 May 16:39 31.26:66N 062.47:30W 31:26.66N 62:47.30W
Fri 14 May 18:17 Saying goodbye to the Caribbean
Fri 14 May 18:16 30.02:81N 064.21:53W 30:02.81N 64:21.53W
Thu 13 May 15:48 27.46:21N 064.42:83W 27:46.21N 64:42.83W
Wed 12 May 18:14 25.33:34N 064.14:26W 25:33.34N 64:14.26W
Tue 11 May 17:05 22.40:71N 063.03:23W 22:40.71N 63:03.23W
Mon 10 May 16:17 20:17.84N 062:12.94W 20:17.84N 62:12.94W
Sun 09 May 14:54 The Crew
Sun 09 May 00:15 Preparing for the Atlantic --Jolly Harbour, Antigua
Sat 08 May 23:29 Antigua--English Harbour 21st April -- Ist May
Sat 08 May 23:03 Antigua --English Harbour--10th-20th April
Apr 2010
Sat 10 Apr 14:53 ANTIGUA Jolly Harbour,4th - 6th April and Falmouth Harbour 6th - 10th April. N17:03.98 W61:53.43 17:03.98N 61:53.43W
Sat 10 Apr 14:52 Fw: St Kitts and Nevis N17:17.18 W62:43.73 17:17.18N 62:43.73W
Sat 10 Apr 14:52 St Barthelemy --St Barts 27th-30th March N17:54.26 W62:51.46 17:54.26N 62:51.46W
Sat 10 Apr 12:43 BVI's 24th-26th March N18:19.89 W64:37.76 18:19.89N 64:37.76W
Mar 2010
Wed 24 Mar 20:23 Brirish Virgin Islands N18:25.94 W64:42.43 18:25.94N 64:42.43W
Mon 15 Mar 00:10 Saint Martin/ Sint Maarten N18:02.00 W63:05.00 18:02.00N 63:05.00W
Thu 11 Mar 19:14 Fw: St Barthelemy ---St Barts
Thu 11 Mar 19:13 Fw: Barbuda N17:33.11 W61:46.20 17:33.11N 61:46.20W
Thu 11 Mar 19:12 Fw: Arrived Antigua N17:00.35 W61:45.73 17:00.35N 61:45.73W
Feb 2010
Sat 27 Feb 21:39 Les Saintes (Islands off Guadeloupe) 15:51.98N 61:35.24W 15:51.98N 61:35.24W
Wed 24 Feb 18:38 14:44.00N 61:10.85W 14:44.00N 61:10.85W
Mon 15 Feb 23:39 Back to St Lucia 13:57.9N 60:01.59W 13:57.90N 60:01.59W
Mon 15 Feb 23:32 Bequia 13:00.56N 61:14.69W 13:00.56N 61:14.69W
Mon 15 Feb 11:39 Carriacou 12:27.47N 61:29.2W 12:27.47N 61:29.20W
Jan 2010
Wed 20 Jan 16:45 Petite St Vincent 12:32.04N 61:23.19W 12:32.04N 61:23.19W
Wed 20 Jan 16:44 Saline Bay, Mayreau Island, Grenadines 12:38.11N 61:24.09W 12:38.11N 61:24.09W
Wed 20 Jan 16:43 Tobago Cays 12:38.00N 61:22.00W 12:38.00N 61:22.00W
Wed 20 Jan 16:29 Mustique 12:53.00N 61:12.00W 12:53.00N 61:12.00W
Sun 10 Jan 14:32 Basil's Bar Mustique
Sun 10 Jan 14:31 Bequia New Year
Fri 08 Jan 16:30 12:52.73N 61:11.46W 12:52.73N 61:11.46W
Thu 07 Jan 13:57 13:00.21N 61:15.19W 13:00.21N 61:15.19W
Thu 07 Jan 13:48 13:42.70N 60:57.91W 13:42.70N 60:57.91W
Tue 05 Jan 23:21 Life in St Lucia
Tue 05 Jan 23:18 The Finish St Lucia
Tue 05 Jan 23:17 The Trip Part Two
Tue 05 Jan 22:21 The Trip part One
Tue 05 Jan 22:19 Start Day Las Palmas
Tue 05 Jan 22:17 Before The start In Las Palmas
Dec 2009
Fri 18 Dec 17:12 Photos - The Start in Las Palmas
Fri 18 Dec 17:12 Photos - The Crossing Part 4
Fri 18 Dec 17:10 Photos - The Crossing Part 3
Fri 18 Dec 17:08 Photos - The Crossing Part 2
Fri 18 Dec 17:06 Photos - The Crossing Part 1
Sun 13 Dec 21:20 Moored Up Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia 14:04.665N 60:57.877W 14:04.67N 60:57.88W
Fri 11 Dec 17:05 Finished
Thu 10 Dec 15:40 14:43.618N 59:02.491W 14:43.62N 59:02.49W
Wed 09 Dec 19:21 14:23.89N 56:53.53W 14:23.89N 56:53.53W
Tue 08 Dec 20:13 15:07.7N 54:47.308W 15:07.70N 54:47.31W
Mon 07 Dec 19:12 15:14.68N 52:07.745W 15:14.68N 52:07.75W
Sun 06 Dec 12:55 14:17.67N 49:01.55W 14:17.67N 49:01.55W
Fri 04 Dec 12:12 14:50.165N 44:00.21W 14:50.16N 44:00.21W
Wed 02 Dec 15:40 15:58.29N 39:08.79W 15:58.29N 39:08.79W
Tue 01 Dec 12:21 16:23.91N 36:17.66W 16:23.91N 36:17.66W
Nov 2009
Mon 30 Nov 12:42 17:45.91N 33:38.91W 17:45.91N 33:38.91W
Sun 29 Nov 14:25 18:51.88N 30:59.35W 18:51.88N 30:59.35W
Fri 27 Nov 19:03 19:52.308N 26:05.65W 19:52.31N 26:05.65W
Thu 26 Nov 12:28 21:31.916N 22:55.501W 21:31.92N 22:55.50W
Wed 25 Nov 22:47 22:21.88N 21:41.56W 22:21.88N 21:41.56W
Tue 24 Nov 17:55 24:29.62N 18:49.01W 24:29.62N 18:49.01W
Tue 24 Nov 00:41 25:37.993N 17:27.29W 25:37.99N 17:27.29W
Sat 21 Nov 17:35 Photos from Las Palmas
Sat 21 Nov 17:26 Last Day in Las Palmas
Wed 11 Nov 14:51 (no subject)
Wed 11 Nov 14:47 Mazarron to Gran Canaria
Oct 2009
Thu 22 Oct 18:58 28:07.66N 15:25.49W 28:07.66N 15:25.49W
Wed 21 Oct 14:02 29:57.02N 13:49.37W 29:57.02N 13:49.37W
Tue 20 Oct 11:06 32:29.14N 12:13.12W 32:29.14N 12:13.12W
Mon 19 Oct 13:29 33:45.96N 10:15.50W 33:45.96N 10:15.50W
Sun 18 Oct 11:58 35:09.045N 7:25.80W 35:09.04N 7:25.80W
Fri 16 Oct 22:28 36:08.08N 05:21.29W Well it's hello from Gibraltar 36:08.08N 5:21.29W
Wed 14 Oct 15:49 36:41.78N 02:47.47W Hello from Almerimar 36:41.78N 2:47.47W
Aug 2009
Thu 20 Aug 18:23 Another Spainish fiesta
Jul 2009
Fri 24 Jul 11:13 The word is HOT but we are not complaining
Sat 04 Jul 18:14 Life in Spain
Jun 2009
Sat 27 Jun 19:06 Mazarron-----Reflections of a great voyage to the Med
Sat 27 Jun 17:24 Arriving at Mazarron.
Sat 27 Jun 17:22 Arriving in Spain
Sat 27 Jun 17:20 Arriving at Gibraltar
Sat 27 Jun 17:07 More Sailing
Sat 27 Jun 17:04 Pic's Lets go sailing
Sat 27 Jun 16:51 Pic's, We are on our way, Rob and John join us at Falmouth
Sat 27 Jun 16:49 Pic's, Leaving Party at Swanwick and heading off to Falmouth
Sun 21 Jun 22:27 37:21.08N 01:26.59W Approaching Home Port 37:21.08N 1:26.59W
Sat 20 Jun 19:24 36:44.02N 04:04.08W TIORAM arrives in the Med 36:44.02N 4:04.08W
Fri 19 Jun 20:18 36:21.58N 07:00.03W Fog and Bimini , onwards to the Med 36:21.58N 7:00.03W
Thu 18 Jun 18:01 37:42.83N 09:15.90W Shorts, Teeshirts and sun loungers 37:42.83N 9:15.90W
Wed 17 Jun 20:38 39:51.19N 010:02.08W Running down the Portugese Trade Winds 39:51.19N 10:02.08W
Tue 16 Jun 19:43 42:26.36N 09:10.94W A quick visit to Spain 42:26.36N 9:10.94W
Mon 15 Jun 14:55 45.11.84N 08.45.79W Biscay sun and breeze 45:11.84N 8:45.79W
Sun 14 Jun 13:13 48.04.13N 06.55.57W 24 hours out from Falmouth 48:04.13N 6:55.57W
Fri 12 Jun 22:56 Leaving Falmouth
Sun 07 Jun 21:23 Falmouth 50:09.11N 05:03.70W 50:09.11N 5:03.70W
Thu 04 Jun 09:05 50:27.50N 03:31.67W Hello from Torquay 50:27.50N 3:31.67W
May 2009
Sun 31 May 18:43 50:42.53N 01:30.25W 50:42.53N 1:30.25W