Day 7 - Azores - Portugal

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 4 Jun 2019 12:19

38:48.6N 12:31.8W

Day 7 (4/6) – A mixture of sunshine, sunsets, rain and strong northerlies.

A great finish to 4 days of spinnaker runs (daylight only) in the hot afternoon sun. As night fell the wind shifted to the expected northerly, along with some squals and rain clouds (Matt’s watch again)! North bound ships passing in the night - one to our stern, then a discussion with “Gebe Offendorf” (cargo ship) as to our passing to its stern within 0.5nm, whilst the “San Fransesco” cut across its bow on a southerly route – suddenly rush hour on the high seas (after not seeing a ship for the last 3 days – 3 in the same moment – just like the No. 16 bus)!!

As the morning broke as did the sea state – pleasantly calm to high swells and gusting winds up to 25knts – back to reefed sails? Nevertheless, the miles fell away – down to 150nm to go – an early evening Lisbon arrival will determine whether we proceed up the river to the marina (17nm) or wait off for tide and morning light…

Position posting at 13:00 Portuguese time (GMT+1.0) 4/6

 Phil and Matt

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