Day 9 - Trans Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 27 Feb 2012 22:26
20:10.2N 39:35.5W

And before anyone comments I know there was a spelling mistake on last nights blog......The spell checker obviously did not know who Dire Straits were either!


Today saw us crack the half way mark so the miles are now counting down and not up. The sailing is still fantastic and yesterdays Noon to Noon run was 186nm. Slightly down on the day before but still very acceptable. Chris suggested stopping to have a swim by way of celebrating our half distance, which skipper Phil picked up on straight away and thought it was a great idea. Now I have never been one to particularly like swimming out here when you can't see what is coming up behind you, but I did go in - not for long though. I think the photo below tells the story! After a half hour stop we were on our way again.


The winds look good for the next few days and then they are starting to get a bit lighter but not by much so all looks Ok.


As we sail towards another great sunset I would like to share a thought that I had when on watch early this morning. We have been out here for just over a week now and I have not seen a single piece of rubbish floating past the boat. On my early trips across the Atlantic ( I am talking 20 to 30 years ago) via all sorts of different routes there has always been an amount of plastic and other various rubbish floating on the surface and normally you would see something every few days at least. It was the norm then to throw anything that you could possibly class as bio-degradable, and more, over the side. Nowadays you would not dream of it and all of our rubbish is bagged and stored in the anchor locker - which I think is the accepted way with all sailors and users of the sea today. Defiantly a change in thoughts and practices for the better..


MF Out.