Day 15 - North Atlantic Ocean

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 23 May 2019 13:38
38:32.1N 36:66.3W

Day 15 (23/5) - Dawn dolphins and Sea Turns, but first THE night.the southerly wind grew in strength as yesterday afternoon drew to a close. On sun set we had gusts up to 30kn and heavy swell. As the moon rose we were into 38+kn gusts and running with the waves (north easterly). A night of soaking spray and a heavily reefed mainsail (the "handkerchief")! Not much rest for the watches on the helm . but that's sailing! At last a glimmer of light on the eastern horizon, followed by a yellow than orange hue as the sun chased away the night.but not the wind! We were able to resume something of the course to land. Dolphins playing in the surf alongside the hull and a couple of Turns gliding gracefully over the waves as iuf this was the the meantime a wet and sodden crew continued our easterly passage (looking to the east on the 3rd day").

Position posting at 11:00 Mid-Atlantic time (GMT-2hrs) 23/5

Phil, Mark and Matt