Beverly Port Marina - Beverly MA

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sat 4 Aug 2018 17:12
42:32.4N 70:52.9W

Another hot day - thankfully the temporary air conditioner makes life below deck on Magic Friday very tolerable! Nevertheless, boat jobs to be done outside - the troublesome starboard nav light ... Packing and cleaning and readying to move over off the long deck slip to "A" (no power outlet) tomorrow morning before the long drive home.

No choice but to replace the starboard LED nav light (for the second time) as power and connections all seem to be ok.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain force us back inside again - then the power cuts off - iimmediate thoughts it was our fault (the temporary air condition power connection had gotten wet and we ahd blown the fuses - on the dock pedestal or the marina itself. A quick investigation - the whole town had loss of power . phew! Restored a few hours later and the air conditioning functioning again.

Car packed and ready for the morning move and journey back. Time for a pizza and movie to finish the day!

Phil and Di