Day 9 - Bahamas Cruising (Great Harbour Cay)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sat 26 Mar 2016 18:39
25:45.7N 79:16.6W


Originally, deciding to leave on the evening high tide and time arrival at Grand Bahama for first daylight - so we have an extra day on the anchor. A restful Saturday: still pondering the outboard (no solution as yet), some small boat jobs (lifted more floor-boards to trace the illusive water ingression when under way / water over-the-gunwales - but not yet solved), cleaning and preparing to leave.

As the evening approached we changed and readied to haul anchor....but wait, a visitor came alongside - fellow sailors in their tender (in fact from Brunswick Landing Marina – dock 12!) - they were staying on and even planning to use their full 90 days of Bahama cruising permit...and here we were after just over a week considering a last move north to Grand Bahama (Port Lucaya) and then back to the U.S. ... why? Maybe we have to wait a little longer for the favourable winds and move on through the Bahamas, this was after all supposed to be longer break out of U.S. waters!

All change (again)...we will stay on, will enjoy an Easter Sunday at rest on anchor and sail the eastern side of the Berry islands down to Chub Cay or thereabouts on Monday instead of going north and home...hopefully, a good call!!

Backgammon and sundowners round off the day. Batteries charged and 25 gallons of fresh water made. Oh, and another episode of Sharp – he lives on!

Clearly, one has to work “harder” at cruising within the Bahamas!

Phil and Di 

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