Day 8 - Bahamas Cruising (Great Harbour Cay)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 25 Mar 2016 18:50
25:45.2N 77:52.5W

A night on anchor is rarely peaceful, the predicted southerly wind picked up to 18-20 knots, anchor held but straining on the snubber. So, a pre-dawn check, and decision to prepare the second anchor on deck - just in case something gave way. Ready to lay out at a moment's notice - or better still in daylight!


Decisions, decisions - where to go next? The southerly wind impeding our progress south transiting Nassua (for fuel), on towards Eleuthera and south (for cruising).


"The art of effective cruising go with the wind and choose one's destination along the way"


Deciding that a long haul south through the Exumas and on to the Turks and Caicos is looking more and more remote, going north to the Abacos isn't an option given Magic Friday's deeper draft, so we settle for a run across the North West Providence Channel and up to Grand Bahama - re-visit Port Lucaya and explore the island we had so little time on last year - there looks plenty to do!


We conclude that the Bahamas is not the best cruising ground for "us deeper vessel" sailors! No matter, still a nice place to spend our offshore days to renew the U.S. cruising licence.


But first we had the day - Good Friday - anchored off Bullock Harbour. A cloudy day with less wind, still in the 80'sF. A day to replace one of he cockpit speaker. Of course, it is in the usual cramped space on a boat to have to work. Nevertheless - at last we have stereo side out on deck again! A day to try out Mini Magic II .... but oh....the outboard refused to start - dead as a "door-nail"! Can't figure out why - change the spark plug, check the spark plug gap, is the fuel (it is very, very old petrol) - empty the tank and will have to wait until we can get more petrol ("gas"). So, a brief row around the boat and back on-board!!


Thunderstorms rumble on the horizon, suddenly the weather app is updated - sure enough thunder and lightning is on its way. Another tow out in the tender - this time to lay out the 2nd anchor .... Fortunately they passed by without incident - but we were happier to be secure with extra anchorage. Time for another bbq (fish on Good Friday) and a "Sharp" espisode!


Just in case!  


Phil and Di 


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