Brunswick Landing Marina - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 13 Jul 2016 17:54
31:09.4N 81:29.9W

Yet another day of "solve the water ingression problem" - this time with only fingernail dampness in the bilge we spent several hours with the hose along the port side: first the outside gunwales - bow, beam and stern.....20 minutes each (approx 5 gallons of water) - nothing inside the bilges. Next tot he breather pipes for the water and then holding tank...another 20 minutes each - nothing inside the bilges. Looking more like stanchion or deck equipment problems we decided to call it a day outside (too hot to be out so long)! Dried the fingernail dampness in the bilges and replaced the soles once again. Frustrating - but resolved that we will find the problem!! Over to the clubhouse for cocktail hour and some pleasantries with fellow boaters lightened our spirits to end the day!

Phil and Di