Day 6 - Western Atlantic

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 18 Jun 2012 22:30
25:41.6N 72:52.2W

What a difference a day makes - the winds dropped in the night to leave us motoring in relatively calm seas. We had our expected wind shift at 06:00 - and are now seeing the northerlies on the other side of yesterdays low weather system. Daylight hours have been a day of motor sailing throughout the morning and light wind sailing this afternoon - beginning to pick up as the day wears on. A restful and relaxing time after our "exhilarating" sail of only 24 hours ago! As we passed our half-way marker (600nm) - a chance to catch up on the latest yachting news (Mike G) and to practice sextant noon-day sightings (Mike A). Diesel tank replenished from our on-board stock, water maker topped up the freshwater tanks and we are ready for sundowners and spaghetti bolognaise! Possibly even a movie later tonight (Master and Commander - of course). Whilst Mike G is wondering who won the U.S. Open and lamenting the absence of ice on-board - we did at least enjoy some chocolate banana pseudo-smoothies in the heat of the afternoon. A good Fathers Day for us all!! Phil, Mike and Mike.