City Marina - Fort Pierce Florida

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Sun 26 Feb 2017 18:23
27:08.0N 80:19.3W

A blustery sunny Sunday - a day for relaxing and reading. But first a short bike / run to the local chandlers for a product "Barnacle Buster" (it is American) - ecologically friendly and used to flush through the raw seawater system and remove salt crystal build up within the heat exchanger and the exhaust elbow - hoping that this will "release" the engine to higher revs when under load. At least another approach!

An afternoon reading the "12V Bible for Boats" - picked up in the marina library. Figured it was rather old when the author referred to using "kerosene lamps" hanging on the spreaders when he went ashore and wanted to find his boat again in the dark! (I think boaters have moved on since then, through bulbs to LED lights)!! Nevertheless, basic physics and electricity hasn't changed and there were some useful tips re solar panels to consider.

An evening at the marina Tiki Bar and Restaurant for a very nice fish and chip supper! We also learnt that the procession of cowboys/cowgirls through he town yesterday was the annual "Cracker Drive" emulating the settlers of the late 1800's crossing from west to east Florida, bartering Spanish coins for goods in trading exchanges. Some history of Fort Pierce!

Phil and Di

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