Brunswick Landing Marina - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 13 Mar 2018 18:53
31:09.5N 81:29.9W

Every day is different - Spring in Georgia! Today - a very hot and sunny day!

Diesel tank refilled and containers replenished down at the dock office - 50 litres used, engine running perfectly for the hours and heater usage.

Next to collect the outboard - all fixed and running. The carburetor was in fact blocked BUT not the jets needle I had been diligently cleaning - another main jet that feeds the petrol into the needle from the petrol sump..(past number #8 on the exploded view!! I will certainly know for next time. Back on-board and stowed.

Still time in the escaping afternoon to take a look at the starboard navigation light (on the list of "five" jobs to do)! Thankfully, not a failure of the LED but a broken connection - typically the most difficult spot - inside the stanchion arm - but this time, at least not another expense (at West Marine)! Due to hole drilled to take the elad - the connection will have to be soldered - waiting on an extension lead to complete this job (next visit).

On the whole, a productive day. As the sun drops below the marshes, delightful curry smells drift out from the galley, perfect time for sundowners and a movie.

Phil and Di