Day 7 - Bahamas Cruising (Great Harbour Cay)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 24 Mar 2016 18:16
25:45.2N 77:52.5W


As morning broke we were still tacking back and forth, back and forth! But the Berry Islands were in sight - well, at least the Disney cruise liners were visible docked on the northern tip of Great Stirrup Cay (the Cay itself was invisible, overshadowed by the towering liners apparently in the middle of nowhere)! Passage in tot he deeper water channel brought no respite and heavier swells (6-9ft), occasionally crashing over the bow - this wasn't the Bahamas Cruising we had planned! Quick change of plan - we would head for Great Harbour Cay and a marina for a nights rest. Ah..."no room at the inn" (the marina was full) – Easter is upon us!! Undeterred and still needing that rest we dropped the anchor just off Bullock Harbour and savoured the promised rest from wind and waves, a bbq and a movie and the night of beating to wind was soon a memory. 

Phil and Di 

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