Day 27 - Bahamas Cruising (West End to U.S.)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 13 Apr 2016 18:53
30:40.4N 81:11.7W

In the early hours of the morning our favourable wind dropped completely. Time to motor to keep up our speed towards Brunswick....ah - but what was that vibration with the propeller engaged - certainly not sustainable as the engine shook violently on its mounting rubbers. So idling speed - 2knots only as we crept northward.


As soon as light crept over the horizon, stopped the boat and a "shallow" swim revealed the sail drive rubber seal wrapped around the propeller. The new seal had only been glued on back in Oct last year - not even 6 months! Too much hull motion to diver properly to clear the fouling meant we were effectively engine-less - no problem - we have the sails and a strong wind coming (from the north). Only problem will be entering a port and docking - but then that's a problem for later!


As it on cue - along came the strong northerly. No more time to think about the propeller, sails set for a gusty Force 5-6, Tacking to make progress in building seas.


No evening sundowners, 3rd night out beginning to get tired....but sailing on into some rough weather!


Phil and Di 

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