Day 16 - North Atlantic Ocean

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 24 May 2019 12:37
38:41.6N 34:16.1W

Day 16 (24/5) - What a difference a day makes . except in our case - not a lot! The fierce southerly winds continued throughout the rest of yesterday, through the night and into today (Fri). Heavy seas and soakings for the helmsman were the order of the watch! Gusts of 35-38kns kept the sails well reefed and the forward progress slow, riding large southerly waves every few minutes. At least the billions of stars had a chance to colour the night sky before the moon rose, followed by a grey dawn and low clouds. Better progress in daylight with more sail to power over the waves. A shoal of fish attracted 15+ Turns and several dolphins for a feeding frenzy alongside the boat in the early morning. Just over 250nm to reach the Azores waypoint (Faial) and a possible berth in Horta by the late weekend.

Position posting at 10:00 Mid-Atlantic time (GMT-2hrs) 24/5

Phil, Mark and Matt