Day 6 - Azores - Portugal

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Mon 3 Jun 2019 14:03

39:00.1N 15:02.8W

 Day 6 (3/6) – Spinnakers (at dawn) and sausages sandwiches (for breakfast)!

Yesterday ended uneventfully (no fish) but sundowners (cheese nachos) and smoked salmon pasta instead. A cloud-less night and mostly “wind-less” – a mixture of light sailing, motoring and star-gazing.

The dawn brought some hope of a breeze – spinnaker raised before the sun for a few hours until that too could not power the boat in light north-westerly’s (the GRIB had forecast 10kns, this time the average seemed much below)….back to motoring.  Dolphins played alongside. The boat rocked in the gentle swell, the sun rays beat down on the blue water and the day drifted by as watch changes happened seamlessly… Well, almost – ship’s time change 1hr forward cut a an hour of the mid-day change over – very nice! Local noon day sighting via sextant at 14:06 put us within 13 minutes latitude and 1 deg longitude - thankfully, we are not lost!!

Position posting at 15:00 Portuguese time (GMT+1.0) 3/6

Phil and Matt

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