Bay Point Marina Va

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Fri 27 Jun 2014 16:34
36:55.3N 76:10.9W


Slipped lines -0 udnerway! Re-fuel at Vinings Landing (further up the river - looked a nice restaurant foir a visit! Motor out into the Bay - good 15-20 kn SE blowing and some choppy waves - who said there were "no waves in the Bay?" Set the sails and dirction for MobJack Bay following a direct course. Passing close to a marker sign - we could read "Danger" and then finally "shoals" - then the depth wenty to 0.0! We very nearly became one of the two types of captains " those that have run aground and those that are about to run aground In the Bay)"! Fortunately we did not run aground and managed to manouevre out of the shoaling area. relieved we headed out to the deeper shipping channel to pass by any other shoals. Once in Mobjack Bay we motored for the Severn River quite spot and had some helpful advice form a "watcher" on best anhorages. Evening sunset swinging on the hook!


Phil and Di