Day 5 - Brunswick GA - Florida (St Augustine)

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 25 Feb 2016 18:48
29:53.1N 81:18.5W

A bright and sunny start, wind still blowing from the west, Magic Friday straining on the mooring lines! Morning tea and...oh the gas (propane) runs out - not unexpected but never good timing. Rather than connecting our only spare (European dumpy cylinder which cannot be refilled in the U.S.) we searched for a means to refill the empty cylinder.  Fortunately an excellent "Cruiser Shuttle" passes by the marina and makes stops wherever you want - including propane refills! Seats booked and at 10:30 we were on our way. A friendly group and very pleasant driver. After a stop at Marine Sales, then Marine Recycles, then West Marine - all very interesting but time was ticking by...., then Wal-Mart, the petrol station and Publix (where we did some provisioning) - finally back to the propane station, oh, and a Fruit and Veg market on the way back ... a 3 hour "round St Augustine tour of shopping malls"! Luckily we had time to spare and happy to chat with fellow boaters! Afternoon paperwork on the boat as evening sets in the wind becoming more northerly and dropping. A very pleasant visit by two friends from my work days for drinks and conversation - rounded the day off nicely. (We were convicned to try for the Turks and Caicos)!!


Phil and Di