Day 4 - North Atlantic - East Coast to Bermuda

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Thu 15 May 2014 22:57
32:47.9N 69:19.9W

After another bright moonlight night, glass like seas, Venus rising in the east and a slight chill in the air -  our wind finally came during the morning (as predicted by the GRIB files) – unfortunately from the east and very light – exactly the direction we are headed!! Bad luck - having waited (and motored) for 2+ days - we are greeted with winds in the wrong direction! Tacking would only take more time and distance – so we continued running the motor – albeit at a slightly slower forward pace due to headwind. Then it rained (on Mike’s watch) – fortunately only a short shower! The afternoon brought blue skies, more sail-fin jelly fish, another possible whale sighting by Mike and a problem to solve with a crossed sheet (main outhaul) on a winch. Some concern as without it resolved we would be unable to reef the mainsail. It took all three minds (and Di’s solution) to use a combination of other winches to free the sheet – team work and a team photo! So, we will likely continue the motor sailing throughout tonight in expected building winds and seas. A shortened noon-day run of 138nm on account of yesterday’s swim and one hour advanced on ship’s time as we pass through time zones. Still a long list of repairs / jobs to complete – and the list gets longer as the miles go by! Phil, Di and Mike.

Addendum to yesterday’s swim – a record 5,300m (that’s 17,500ft) water depth! 


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