Day 2 - North Atlantic - East Coast to Bermuda

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Tue 13 May 2014 17:18
33:03.1N 74:40.8W


After a great night’s moonlight sailing (boat speeds over 9 knots surfing the waves) - we were greeted a sunrise and a very large tanker “SeaPace” 190m by 33M (that’s 630ft long and 110ft wide) – crossing our route on its way to Antwerp. A short radio call to ensure they had seen us and would take avoiding action if needed (which they did) – thankfully as we had lost wind and were preparing to motor sail. Ant hat has been our day – motor sailing for 13 hrs – it seems the light winds are upon us (as the GRIB file predicted). We also had the Gulf Stream current to contend with (south-north) for over 50nm. Noon day sightings put us at local time an hour advanced and our noon day (24 hr run) saw 160nm taken of our distance – a good run. Hot sun baked down in the afternoon whilst the engine droned on pushing us forward. Fishing line deployed but only seaweed to pull in. Then just as the day seemed over (and before Mike served the evening meal – a delicious curry) the wind came back! So we end the day with a sunset and a wind – hoping it will take us through the night. Mike, Phil and Di.