Cumberland Island - Georgia

Magic Friday
Phil, Di and Annelise
Wed 1 Nov 2017 18:29
30:45.6N 81:28.4W

Dawn broke over the timeless live oak trees of the island, the sun chasing the night away to a clear blue, breathless sky. Bar a couple of others boaters, we were alone on our anchorage.. tea in bed, waiting for the warmth of the day! A gentle rocking of the boat as the small ferry boat chucks close by - taking the park workers to the island.

Taking a slow morning start as the day warms, breakfast below, tea, coffee on deck. Soon the sun becomes too hot and the bimini is required!

The afternoon tasks at hand - Di strengthening the spray hood ties with new ribbon tape, my time spent (frustratingly) trying to get the outboard started - carburetor stripped down 3 times - no success. No island exploring today! Even a small modification to the fuel inlet didn't do the trick . most frustrating!

Nevertheless, a deep red autumn sun set in the west accompanied our sundowners to regain calm on the peaceful waters of St Mary's inlet.

Phil and Di

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